Heart Shaped Animals - Valentines Crafts for Preschool

Valentines Crafts for Preschool

Looking for fun Valentine's Crafts for Preschool? We have some ideas for you. These adorable heart shaped animal crafts are ...
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Valentines Party Games idea for Kids - Candy Heart Game #valentinesgame #valentinesday #valentinesparty

Valentine Party Games

Do you need Valentine Party Game ideas for kids? This fun Candy Heart party game has children thinking about and ...
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Fun Valentine's Games and Crafts for Preschool or Kindergarten. #kidsgames #valentinesday #preschool #kindergarten

Valentine’s Worksheets

Holidays are such a fun time to be in school, and this week we are sharing some awesome new Valentine's ...
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AWESOME Subtraction idea for kids - Whack-a-Ball Subtraction

Subtraction Worksheets

Do you need fun subtraction worksheets and hands-on subtraction centers? You are going to LOVE this awesome kindergarten math unit! ...
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Milk Lid Christmas Counting Activity for Kids. So fun!

Christmas Counting Game

If you are looking for a fun Christmas Counting Game for those last crazy days before winter break, I have ...
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Fun Addition Game for Kindergarten - Race Car Addition.

Addition Worksheets

If you need awesome Addition Worksheets and Centers for Kindergarten, you've come to the right place. I just finished the ...
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Cute Preschool Counting Activity for Winter

Snowman Activities for Preschool

Do you need cute Snowman Activities for Preschool? We have a big list of them that teach while being fun ...
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Christmas Counting Activity for Preschool

Christmas Theme for Preschool

Do you teach a Christmas Theme for Preschool? We've created an awesome new pack of centers and no prep worksheets ...
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Fun Gratitude Game for kids this Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Game

This week I was responsible for a Thanksgiving activity for a group of 40 kids, and we played this fun ...
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Community Helpers Preschool Unit

Community Helpers Preschool Theme

If you teach a Community Helpers preschool or kindergarten theme, you are going to LOVE these fun activities. This set ...
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Fun Preschool Sorting Activities

Sorting Activities for Preschool

Do you ever need educational activities for 2 and 3-year-olds? These fun sorting activities for preschool are fantastic for that ...
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D is for Dragon Craft

Letter D Craft

It is time for another letter in the Alphabet Series, our Letter D Craft!  D is for Dragon is the ...
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Fun Fine Motor Addition Activity for Kids

Addition Activity for Grade 1

We have a fun new addition activity for grade 1 and kindergarten to share with you today. Addition is such ...
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Kindergarten Math centers and Worksheets - Unit 2

Numbers 11-20 Games

The Kindergarten Math Unit 2 set is here, and it's filled with fun numbers 11-20 games and worksheets. These activities ...
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Letter C Craft for Kids - C is for Crab

Letter C Craft

This Letter C Craft is the next letter in the preschool letter crafts.  The theme for this craft is C ...
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Fun Addition Game for kids.

Addition Game for Kids

This week we tried out a new Addition Game for kids. It combined some one to one correspondence counting to ...
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Kindergarten Number Worksheets and Math Centers. So fun!

Number Worksheets

Kindergarten Math Unit 1 This awesome set of number worksheets and centers is perfect for a Kindergarten Math Unit 1 ...
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B is for Balloon Letter Craft with free printable template.

Letter B Craft

We are running a series of crafts geared at helping the children learn the alphabet.  Each letter of the alphabet ...
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Addition Monster - Addition for Kids Tool and Activity. Switch the arms to count and add.

Monster Addition for Kids

If you've been looking for an outstanding addition for kids activity, this is it! The best part is, it's simply ...
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Dinosaur Dig Activity with homemade sand recipe.

Dinosaur Dig for Kids

Do you know a child who is fascinated by Dinosaurs? This DIY Dinosaur Dig activity for kids is a fantastic ...
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Build your own Lego City activity.

Lego City Sets

Do you know a kid that loves Lego City Sets? My children have absolutely fallen in love with Legos this ...
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Letter A Craft for Preschool

Letter A Craft

Great news!! We've been putting together some preschool letter crafts for you, and this first one is our Letter A ...
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Letter Worksheets - Alphabet Mazes for Preschool or Kindergarten.

Letter Worksheets

We've been working on a new fun set of Letter Worksheets for you, and they turned out so cute!! These ...
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Fun Kindergarten Reading Activity - Sort and read the CVC Words.

Kinder Reading Activity

We discovered a fun new kinder reading activity this week. The activity is very hands on, and includes building and ...
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Kindergarten Reading Practice with Race Cars. So fun!

Kindergarten Reading Practice

If you're looking for a fun way to get some kindergarten reading practice, this is it! There are buttons to ...
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Build a Sentence Reading activity for kids

Build a Sentence Reading Activity

We discovered a new, favorite reading activity this week, and it is these Build a Sentence cup puzzles. My little ...
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Colorful Addition Activity for Kids.

Kindergarten Addition Activity

I have a fun new Kindergarten Addition Activity for you today, and it takes no prep time. If you have ...
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Lego Fractions Math Activity for kids

Lego Fractions

We're doing Jumbo Lego fractions today, and they are so fun!! Kids love Legos, and they are such a fantastic ...
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Reading Charts and Activities - Summer

Summer Reading Activities

As soon as school is out, I am on the lookout for great summer reading activities. It is so important ...
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Preschool Letter Matching Activity

Letter Matching Activity

We discovered a fun new Letter Matching Activity this week. It is DIY Craft Stick Letter Puzzles. These were a ...
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7 Tips to Raise Kids Who Love Reading

7 Tips for Raising Kids who Love to Read

Did you know that creating a ‘reader-friendly’ environment at home is an important way to increase your child’s chances of improving ...
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Kindergarten Counting Activity with Dominoes

Kindergarten Counting Activity

Do you need a fun Kindergarten Counting Activity to use with your kids? We discovered such a fun one this ...
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The Best Summer Themed Book Lists for Kids

Best Summer Themed Book Lists for Kids

Are you looking for great books for your kids to read this summer? Today we are sharing our favorite Summer ...
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The Best FREE Summer Reading Programs for Kids

FREE Summer Reading Programs

FREE Summer Reading Programs are a fantastic way to keep kids reading over their school break. Reading is an important ...
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Ice Trays Addition Activity for Kids

Ice Tray Addition Activity for Kindergarten

Have you been looking for a fun Addition Activity for Kindergarten age kids? We have a great one for you ...
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Clothespin Color Matching Activity for Kids.

Color Matching Activity for Kids

Do you need a fun activity for learning colors? Today we are sharing a simple Color Matching Activity for kids ...
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Pool Noodle Math Activity for kids.

Pool Noodle Math Activity for Kids

Summer is fast approaching, and this Pool Noodle Math Activity is a great way to celebrate. If you are looking ...
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Seek and Spell Activity for Kids

Spelling Activity for Kids

Are you looking for a fun Spelling Activity for kids? This seek and spell bead bag is a huge hit ...
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Preschool Alphabet Activity - Spoons Memory Game

Preschool Letter Matching Game

There is a new Preschool Letter Matching Game you have to try. This alphabet activity is as fun as it ...
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Cup Equations Math Activity for Kids

Cool Math Activity for Kids

Math is one of those things that requires a lot of repetition, and today I am sharing a new, cool ...
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Science Experiment for Kids - Create a Vacuum

Creating a Vacuum Science Experiment

Kids think science is magical, and they love this Creating a Vacuum Science Experiment. It is so simple, but impossibly ...
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Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids

Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids

Fact families are something every kids has to learn, and this Sunshine Addition Activity for Kids is a great way ...
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Push Pin Pre-Writing Activity for Kids

A reader request prompted this Push Pin Pre-Writing Activity for kids. They reached out to me on Facebook and asked ...
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Cute Spring Counting Centers for Preschool

Spring Counting Centers for Preschool

We have the cutest puzzles and activities for you today to use as Spring Counting Centers for Preschool. This combo ...
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Missing Number Math Activity for Kids

Missing Number Math Activity

We have a fun Missing Number Math Activity for you this week. One of the important skills kids learn while ...
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Juice Bottle Letter Matching Activity for Preschool

Preschool Letter Matching Activity

This past week we discovered a cool new Preschool Letter Matching Activity. It is the perfect combination of letter recognition, fine ...
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Preschool Counting Activity with Pipe Cleaners

Pipe Cleaner Counting Activity for Kids

We have the cutest pipe cleaner counting activity for kids to share with you today. Several of you have reached ...
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Easter Egg Counting Activity for kids.

Easter Counting Activity for Preschool

Colorful plastic eggs line grocery store shelves, and we are using them for this fun Easter Counting activity for Preschool ...
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Easy Preschool Counting Activity with Uno Cards

Easy Preschool Counting Activity

Do you ever need an Easy Preschool Counting Activity? I have one for you. It's the kind you can pull ...
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Leprechaun Trap Ideas for kids.

Awesome Leprechaun Trap Ideas for Kids

We are excited to share our awesome Leprechaun trap ideas for kids with you today! With St. Patrick’s Day right around ...
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6 Children's Books that Teach Social Skills with activity ideas.

6 Children’s Books that Teach Social Skills

Children love to hear a good book! Many children’s books have a great message and offer a wonderful opportunity to ...
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May First Grade Worksheets

May First Grade Worksheets for Spring

I think I made it to about November this past year without realizing that I'd forgotten to post this preview ...
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Preschool Letter Recognition Game - Alphabet Tic Tac Toe

Preschool Letter Recognition Game

We have a fun Preschool Letter Recognition Game for you today. It's Alphabet Letters Tic Tac Toe!! How many times ...
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10 Awesome Preschool Songs about Body Parts

10 Fun Preschool Songs About Body Parts

Songs are one of my absolute favorite ways to teach, and today I have 10 Fun Preschool Songs about Body ...
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Sight Words Beading Activity

Beading Sight Words Activity for Kids

We pulled out our alphabet beads for some fun reading practice this week and did a Beading Sight Words Activity ...
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Cupcake Liner Hidden Letter Matching Activity

Cupcake Liner Alphabet Letter Matching Memory Game

Snow is filling the air outside today, but we are staying ward inside playing this cupcake liner alphabet letter matching ...
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Valentine’s Day Math Activity for Kids – Comparing Numbers

Candy hearts are filling the store shelves, and it is time for a Valentine's Day math activity for kids. This ...
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Sight Words Stamping Activity for Kids

This week we did a sight words stamping activity for my preschool son, and his second grade sister would not ...
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Spin and Add Math Activity for kids - Great for Kindergarten or First Grade.

Spin and Add Math Activity for Kindergarten

We were on the hunt for fun learning activities over the holiday break, and this Spin and Add Math Activity ...
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Cootie Catcher Word Building Activity

This Cootie Catcher Word Building Activity was fun for all ages at our house this past week. There's something about ...
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Paint Chip Reading Puzzles

This past week we had a blast reading with our paint chip reading puzzles. Okay, so to be fair, we ...
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Jingle Bells Counting Ornaments

*This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Christmas decorating with a preschooler this December led to these fun ...
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Popsicle Stick Shape Building Magnets

*This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. If you stocked up on popsicle craft sticks recently to make ...
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Mini Cup Memory Reading Game

*This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. See disclosures for more details. If you are anything like us, ...
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10 FREE Educational Activities for Thanksgiving

*This post may contain affiliate links. See disclosures for more details.Holidays are a great time to have a little bit ...
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Acorn Silhouette Estimation Craftivity

The warm fall weather that we have been having is magical. Each day the kids beg to go on an ...
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DIY Chalkboard Gratitude Journals for November

*This post may contain affiliate links. See disclosures for more details. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the ...
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Hot Glue Hidden Letter Find Crayon Rub Activity

This Hot Glue Hidden Letter Find activity lets you add a touch of mystery and intrigue to the alphabet. We all ...
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DIY Button Magnets Craft and Educational Toy for Kids

*This post may contain affiliate links. See disclosures for more details. Once in a while you happen on that magical ...
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Educational Activities with Fall Leaves

A couple of the kids and I took a lovely little walk this weekend, and shortly thereafter, these Educational Activities ...
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Roll a Monster Counting Craft for Kids

Plastic craft eyes just beg you to get creative and build something playful with them, such as a silly face, ...
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Random Beads Color Sorting Activity

*This post may contain affiliate links. See disclosures for more details. A weekend trip to Wal-Mart is responsible for this ...
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Geometric Jack-o-lantern Math Activity

We love Halloween! There are SO many fun activities to do with kids. I mean you really can't go wrong ...
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STEAM Popsicle Stick Geometry Activity

STEAM activities are a big deal around our house, and the kids loved this Popsicle Stick Geometry activity that happened ...
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Simple DIY Dry Erase Boards

This past week I was in desperate need of some activities to keep my children entertained during a conference, and ...
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Shoe Tracing Measurement Activity

We love math fun around here, and today we are sharing our Shoe Tracing Measurement Activity with you. Measurement is ...
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Candy Corn Math Activity

This week we're prepping for fall with this delicious Candy Corn Math Activity, adding up dominoes and then determining greater ...
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Clothespin Counting Activity for Preschoolers

Counting is something we've been working on a lot at our house, and today I am sharing our clothespin counting ...
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Racing Letters Alphabet Tracing Activity

My Preschool son and his little friend had the best time with this Racing Letters Alphabet Tracing activity today, and ...
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Paperclip Chain Preschool Counting Activity

I can't wait to share our latest preschool counting activity with you, Paperclip Chain Counting. Basically, if counting and fine ...
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Read-to-Build Word Towers Activity

We have some new CVC word reading fun for you today, and it is our Read-to-Build Word Towers activity. I'm ...
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5 Little Monkeys Subtraction Activity

Subtraction can be a tricky little subject when you're just starting out, and so we are practicing this week with ...
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Back to School Gift Card Giveaway

I love a good sale, but I like free even more which is why I am joining a group of ...
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Pool Noodle Reading Activity for Kids

Pool Noodle CVC Words Activity

We've been hunting for fun ways to learn over the summer, and this Pool Noodle CVC Words Activity was a ...
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Parts of Speech Grammar Game

It's a major holiday weekend over here, and we are having a blast playing a Parts of Speech Grammar Game ...
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10 Great Audio Books for Kids on a Road Trip

*This post is a non-compensated review. See disclosures for more details. If you haven't had your kids listen to audio ...
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Word Families Reading Activity With Spoons

We tried out a fun new word families reading activity this week, and I can't wait to share it with ...
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11 Awesome Things Your Kids Can Teach Themselves to do This Summer

Summer break is just around the corner, and like most moms I'm scrambling to figure out how to keep us ...
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15 Fun Boat Crafts for Kids

Summer is fast approaching, and we can't wait to try out these 15 fun boat crafts for kids at my ...
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Make a Monster Playdough Activity

If you are looking for a simple way to entertain your toddlers and preschools this week, you'll want to check ...
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Goldfish Counting Activities

There are few things my kids love more than watching goldfish swimming in a pond, and that is the inspiration ...
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Clothes Pin Letter Recognition Activity for Kids

Today I have a fun clothes pin letter recognition activity for kids. As a bonus, it doubles as a fun ...
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Flower Garden Reading Activity for Spring

Daffodils and tulips are popping up all over my lawn, and they inspired today's Flower Garden Reading Activity for Spring ...
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Hatching Chicks Spring Reading Activity

The air is starting to warm up, and little green things are sprouting up all over my yard. Spring is ...
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Color Sorting Activity for Toddlers

My 1-year-old has started feeling a bit left out during my learning activities with my preschool age son, so this ...
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Fun Money Counting Activities for Kids

We've been learning about money over here, and we have a couple of fun money counting activities to share with you. I ...
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10 FREE Educational Printables for St. Patrick’s Day

Holidays are a great time to have a little bit of fun learning, and what better way to do it ...
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Static Electricity Science Experiment for Kids – Falling Up

We have a new Static Electricity science experiment for you today. Static electricity is something we've all experienced, and while ...
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Minute to Win it Reading Game #2

It's not a secret that I love games, and our Minute to Win it reading games are no exception. I ...
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Easter Reading Activity

Easter is in March this year, and we have a great Easter reading activity for you. I'm sure I can't ...
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Cute Pull it out of a Hat Reading Activity for Kids.

Pull It Out of a Hat Reading Activity for Kids

We tried a fun new reading activity for kid this week, and I can't wait to share it with you ...
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You’ve Got Mail Reading Activity

I love good reading activities, and this You've Got Mail reading activity is a total keeper. From beginning to finish this ...
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Fun Educational Puzzles for Kids

*This post is a non-compensated review. It may contain affiliate links. See disclosures for more details. *Read up on these ...
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Kindergarten Math Activities for February

Who has kids that love foam stickers? I do, and guess what? They are perfect to use in kindergarten math ...
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CVC Word Game for Kindergarten

I love that magical moment when a child first discovers they can use 3 letter sounds to form a word ...
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Kindergarten Math and Literacy Worksheets for February

Valentine's day was always a favorite holiday of mine as a child, and that memory has made it so much ...
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Valentine’s Theme Sensory Jar

I love the idea of sensory jars and the educational activities you can do with them. This week we made ...
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Preschool Letter Recognition Activities

I have a 3-year-old at home with me this school year, and we have been working on a lot of ...
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Fun & Easy Reading Activities for Kindergarten

If you follow my blog at all, you'll know that I am obsessed with reading activities. My special interest comes ...
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Christmas Tree Graphing Activity

I was talking to a teacher friend yesterday, and she mentioned that this last week before Christmas, is a tricky ...
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Minute to Win It Reading Game for Kindergarten

My kids and I are starting a new series of Minute to Win It reading games. This is what happens ...
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7 Christmas Counting Activities for Preschool

Counting is one of those things you just have to practice over and over again, but it helps if you ...
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Kindergarten Reading Comprehension

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages

My latest project that has been stewing in my brain over the holiday, is Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages. I've wanted ...
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A Great Reading Activity for Kids – CVC Codex Puzzle

Learning to read is tough. Those early readers are so boring, and it's difficult to stick with it and practice ...
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5 Adorable Preschool Name Crafts

Writing your own name is such a rite of passage from being a toddler to a kid. My son has ...
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10 Educational Activities for Kids Using Ping Pong Balls

My children are completely enamored with ping pong balls. They bounce beautifully, they’re too light to hurt you, and there ...
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Subitizing Games for Early Math Practice

What is Subitizing? Well it certainly isn't one of those words you use every day, but you'd be surprised how ...
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Fall Pumpkin Alphabet Letter Find

Seasonal activities are one of my favorite ways to keep my kids excited about learning.  A worksheet by itself may ...
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5 Fun Preschool Alphabet Games

I was one of those children who did not attend preschool.  My pre-elementary education consisted of running around our farm, ...
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10 Great Fantasy Books for Tweens

I have always loved a good novel, and you better believe I’m encouraging my kids to love them too. We ...
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How to grow your own Crystal Geodes with 4 simple kitchen ingredients

How to Grow Crystal Geodes

When you have a 10-year-old who hopes to be a geneticist someday, you can expect your kitchen to serve as an ...
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5 Fun Summer Reading Charts for Kids

School is nearly out, and summer is fast approaching.  My children and I are busy planning all sorts of fun ...
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Top Book List for a 3-Year-Old Boy

My floor is littered with picture books, I know more about dinosaurs than ever before, and my living room is ...
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Jumping Letters – Preschool Letter Recognition Game

A few months ago, I place my 3-year-old son's first initial over his bed.  It is "his letter," and he ...
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Magic Milk Science Experiment

My 10-year-old daughter is a major science fanatic.  Just to give you an idea, this past Christmas, one of the ...
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10 Toys That Make Reading Homework Fun!!

Back in my college days, I spent a year tutoring kindergarten to 3rd grade students through the America Reads program ...
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10 Educational Activities Using Plastic Easter Eggs

Every year around the Easter season, my house is littered with colorful plastic eggs.  The kids can't seem to get ...
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Homework: Tip of the Week – Mother, May I Homework Edition

The great thing about turning homework into playtime is that you can switch it up whenever you'd like.  This week ...
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The Easy Way to Memorize Multiplication Tables

Each week, three of my children bring home something from school that they are to memorize by Friday. We get ...
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Home Work – Tip of the Week… Home Work Basketball!!

My 10-year-old daughter recently started playing basketball on a local rec team.  She absolutely loves it, and spends quite a ...
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Skip Counting Songs – Multiply by 6 or 7

Here are the next songs in our Skip Counting series.  My eight-year-old 3rd grader just finished the 7's song and ...
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Skip Counting – Fast and Easy way to Memorize your Multiplication Tables

Mother's of 3rd graders everywhere, this one's for you.  Memorizing those times tables is a killer, right??  I still remember ...
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Homework: Tip of the Week – HangMan HomeWork

Homework and I do not get along, not because I don't want my children to spend time learning, but because ...
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Play Smart – Game of the Week: Candyland Colors and in Spanish

During the holiday break my kids broke out the board games en mass, which I was totally cool with other ...
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Sight Words Games – The fun way to do Homework!

My cute kindergartner and I continue our plan to make homework awesome.  She's the kid that came out jumping, and ...
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Sight Words Bingo – Learning to Read the Fun Way

Teaching a child to read is one of those amazing things that can build your relationship and open new worlds ...
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(no title)

Someone told me about it, and now I’m telling you.  Get out and spread the word, because LeapFrog has created ...
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Free Printable: Learning Shapes and Colors Game for Preschoolers

I started this game with my first daughter when she was about 18-months-old.  It worked so quickly that I was ...
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