Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for November.

It’s time to debut my Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for November, and they are turkeylicious!! Okay, they are not all covered in turkeys, but there is a definite Thanksgiving influence throughout the set. There are also squirrels collecting acorns, falling leaves, apples, and more. It’s such a fun set, and I can’t wait to share it with you. I’m so thankful for all of your support, and I’m giving you a FREE worksheet at the bottom of this post.

For these fall kindergarten worksheets, I wanted to include math and literacy elements. As a result, the worksheets are aligned with common core standards for kindergarten. Some of the math topics covered include counting, addition, subtraction, and measurement. The literacy printables include topics like writing, beginning or medial sounds, sight words, and word families. They are all created in black and white for easy printing, and the pictures are great for coloring if the kids finish their work early.

I love creating worksheets that can be used in a variety of ways. These would be great as morning work, homework, or in class. They slide right in with your lesson plans, or could be a stand alone centers project. There is a variety of activities in the worksheets too. Some of the printables are coloring activities. Some of them are cut and paste, and some of them are drawing lines, filling circles, or solving secret codes. Basically, I tried to keep it engaging and fun for those cute, little, working minds.

If you hang out on my blog much, you know the drill. I’ll give you the preview, and just for looking, you’ll often get a free worksheet at the end. It’s one of those days, so don’t forget to pick up your freebie after looking around and pinning if you so desire.

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets – Math

* Squirrel Friends – Count and Compare
* Acorn Number Order
* Fall Fun Subtraction

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets - Count and Compare. Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for November - Fall Fun Subtraction. Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for November - Acorn Number Order.

* Pie Throwing Contest Measurement
* Turkey Counting
* Fall Things Count and Graph

Kindergarten Math Worksheets for November - Turkey Counting and Subitizing. Fall Math Worksheets for November - Pie Throwing Contest Measurement. November Kindergarten Worksheets - Fall Things Count and Graph.

* Fall Things Counting
* Add and Solve the Secret Code
* Odd or Even Acorns

November Kindergarten Worksheets - Fall Things Counting. November Kindergarten Worksheets - Secret Code Addition. November Kindergarten Worksheets for Fall - Odd or Even cut and paste.

* Apple Pie 10 Frames
* Featherless Turkeys Add and Draw
* Turkey Friend Color by Tens

Fun November Kindergarten Worksheet - Turkey Friend Color by Tens.November Kindergarten Worksheets for Thanksgiving - Apple Pie 10 Frames. Thanksgiving Kindergarten Worksheets - Turkey Feathers add and draw.

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets – Literacy

* Beginning Sounds Word Switch
* Fall Leaves Word Families
* Find and Color Rhyming Words

Fall Kindergarten Worksheets - Beginning Sounds Word Switch. Fall Kindergarten Worksheets for November - Fall leaves Word Families. Fall Kindergarten Worksheets - Find and Color Rhyming Words.

* Apple Tree Sight Words
* Fall Things Medial Vowels
* Same or Different

November Kindergarten Worksheets - Color by Sight Words. November Kindergarten Worksheets - Fall Things Medial Vowels. November Kindergarten Worksheets - Same or Different.

* Sunflower Petal Syllables
* Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds
* Turkey Word Hunt

November Kindergarten Worksheets - Sunflower Petal Syllables. November Kindergarten Worksheets - Thanksgiving beginning sounds. November Kindergarten Worksheets - Turkey Sight Words Hunt.

* My Opinion About Fall Leaves – Fall Opinion Writing Prompt
* What does a Turkey do on a Tuesday? – Thanksgiving Writing Prompt
* How to Make an Apple Pie – Informational Writing Prompt

November Writing Prompts Narrative Organizer - What does a Turkey do on a Tuesday? November Opinion Writing Prompt - My Opinion About Fall Leaves. November Writing Prompts Worksheet - How to Make an Apple Pie.

Now, as promised, I have a FREE Fall Kindergarten Worksheet for you. This is a bunus worksheet, not in the set. Click on the picture to print the pdf.

FREE Fall Kindergarten Worksheet

Turkey Talk Alphabet Match

FREE Fall Kindergarten Worksheet for November - Turkey Alphabet Match.

I hope you enjoyed your preview this month. I can’t wait to use these with my kiddos. If you would like to purchase the set for your classroom or home, you can do so buy clicking the cover image at the top of this post, or either of the title links. If you love these worksheets, and want to save some money, you can buy the entire year at once and get 2 sets FREE. Just click on the image below. Have a great fall everyone!!

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Kindergarten Worksheets for the Entire Year

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