Flower Garden Reading Activity for Spring. So fun.

Daffodils and tulips are popping up all over my lawn, and they inspired today’s Flower Garden Reading Activity for Spring. I love all of the bright colors of spring flowers. They make me smile after a long, snowy winter, and evidently they make my kids smile as well because I have to remind them not to pick them all.

Well these are spring flowers they can play with, and the longer the better. I started by cutting out stems with leaves from a sheet of green paper. Then we cut out tulips from other bright colored paper. I decided to use yellow as the designated color for the vowels. Knowing which letter to put in the middle helps my beginning reader make real words much faster. I wrote common consonants on the other flowers, and placed them in a pile near the garden.

Flower Garden Reading Activity for Spring.

Then, we made flowers. We mixed and matched our garden, always having a yellow flower in the center. We made words like bat, cat, red, and pit. There were so many CVC word combinations to have fun with. Sometimes we made fake words, so we rearranged our flower garden to make an actual word. My son read the words each time, and it was great practice.

This would be a great activity that kids could do at their desk in school, or as a group for a reading center. You could have them each cut their own flowers, or you could have some pre-cut and laminated for repeated use.

Flower Garden Reading Activity for Spring

You could use this activity for learning sight words. Have them cut out flowers for each letter of the sight word, and then glue them onto the stems in order as a cute craftivity to take home. There are other subjects you could use this flower garden idea for as well, such as addition, letter recognition, and spelling.

I hope your kids enjoy this reading activity for spring, and that you get a moment to enjoy the beautiful spring flowers today.


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