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Secondary language puzzles for kids - words in English, Spanish, and French. So fun.

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Winter is still going strong around our house, and I’m always on the hunt for great indoor activities for my kids. My preschooler in particular tends to get very bored while the older kids are at school, and the older kids are always looking for something good to do when they get home or on the weekends. I recently came across these educational puzzles, from The Learning Journey International, and they have been a big hit at our house.

Awesome Educational Puzzles for Kids.

I’ve always had a weakness for educational games, and when I saw these puzzles I knew they needed to come to my house. I loved that they covered a variety of school subjects that we were already working on at different age levels with several of my children.

My preschooler and I have been learning to read. He is just discovering how to put three letter words together, and it is so exciting. From the moment the carrier left the package on the porch, my son was begging to do his puzzles. I can’t tell you how excited I was when he pulled out the Match It! Spelling game and started putting the word b-u-g together. He was able to sound out the word without any help, and I couldn’t wait for him to work on some of the other words.

Fun Educational Puzzles for kids - Reading, Spelling, and Math.

My first grader loved that puzzle set as well. Many of the puzzle words are straight from her spelling lists and high frequency words. They had a great time playing together and taking turns with their favorite word puzzles. Even my 1-year-old got involved. She has a substantial kitty obsession, and she immediately found the c-a-t puzzle. The picture on it is so cute that she kept trying to hug it and broke the puzzle apart over and over again. I can’t tell you how many times I had to put the “kit” (aka kitty) back together.

Fun Educational Spelling Puzzle for Kids

My preschooler and first grader also love the Match It! Mathematics puzzles. I loved that the puzzles covered a variety of skill levels. My preschooler is learning to count, so he had a great time counting the objects and attaching the matching number pieces. My first grader was able to do the more difficult addition and subtraction puzzles, and they could work on them together from the same box. The pictures for the math puzzles are so fun too. The rocket ships are his absolute favorite, but there are many other cute themes as well.

Educational Math Puzzle for Kids

We also loved the Match It! Trilingual puzzles. Several of my older kids recently started taking a Spanish class after school, but their vocabulary in the language is extremely limited. My 9-year-old went straight for that puzzle and started working her way through the words. Her pronunciation is pretty terrible, so we laughed a lot. It was great practice though, and a lot more fun for her than the worksheets she gets from class. We tried a few of the French words too, and since none of us know how to pronounce those, we had to look a few of them up.

Trilingual language puzzles for kids - Words in English, Spanish, and French.

Here’s a closer look at a few more of our favorites from these puzzles sets.

Math puzzles for kids and other fun educational puzzles.

Fun Math puzzles for kids, and other great educational puzzles

Awesome math puzzles for kids, and other educational puzzles.

Fun Educational Puzzles for kids - Spelling Early Words

I knew the puzzles were a success when my entire living room floor was covered in a layer of pieces with a child spread out here and there working on their favorites. They were learning and playing indoors, and it made me happy. My 4-year-old son continues to ask to work on them each morning for his “school project”, and as long as my baby has her kitty puzzle, she’s happy too.

Square cat puzzle

These puzzles are so awesome, that I’m going to give a set of them away to one of you. One lucky winner will get each of these three puzzles from the awesome people over at The Learning Journey International. They will make a great addition to your home or classroom, and I wish you all the best of luck!

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