March Kindergarten Worksheets

The green awesomeness continues with this fun set of March kindergarten worksheets. Have I mentioned that I love March? The snow has finally melted, and my kids are starting to venture outside. The neighborhoods are filling up with bikes, skateboards, and soaring kites. Top that with the fun St. Patrick’s day activities and treats along with Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and it’s hard to go wrong.

My kindergarten worksheets for this month celebrate some of these themes. There are 25 March worksheets, and they include addition, subtraction, counting, place value, base 10, 10 frames, writing, grammar, sight words, word families, and lots more. There is a very strong St. Patrick’s day theme running through these worksheets with leprechauns, rainbows, pots of gold and other fun images. The children can enjoy coloring most of the worksheets while or after completing the work.

March Kindergarten Worksheets - Math and Literacy Printables

The best part of this set is that, once again, it is ready to print and hand out to the class or your kids at home. The worksheets are all designed in black and white to make them easier on your ink stockpile, and then the kids can add the color themselves from their own pack of crayons.

I can’t wait to show you the worksheets, and guess what? I’m giving you one of them for FREE. Scroll down to find your freebie.

March Kindergarten Math Worksheets

*Cut and Paste Counting With Subitizing
*A Bit of Luck Subtraction
*Four Leaf Clover 10 Frames

Kindergarten Math and Literacy Printables - March 2Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Pot of Gold Subtraction Kindergarten Math Worksheets for March - 10 Frames

*A Bit of Luck Addition
*In the Clouds Base 10
*Spilling Gold Number Bonds

Kindergarten Math Worksheets for March - A bit of Luck Addition Kindergarten Math Worksheets for March - Base 10 Kindergarten Math Worksheets for March - Number Bonds

*Number Words Cut and Paste
*How Tall Are Leprechauns Measurement Worksheet
*March Word Problems

Kindergarten Math Worksheets for March - Number Words Cut and Paste Kindergarten Measurement Worksheet for March Kindergarten Word Problems for March

*Comparing Numbers Rainbows
*Counting the Clovers
*Over the Rainbow Graphing

March Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Graphing March Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Counting March Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Comparing Numbers

March Kindergarten Worksheets – Literacy

*My Favorite Shape – Informative Writing Organizer
*My Lucky Day – Narrative Writing Organizer
*Would You Rather Kites or Swings – Opinion Writing Organizer

Kindergarten Writing Worksheet for March - Opinion Prompt Kindergarten Writing Prompts for March - Narrative Organizer My Lucky Day Kindergarten Informative Writing Prompt

*Trying on Hats – Rhyming Words
*Pot of Gold – Rhyming Words
*Find the Pairs – Sight Words

March Kindergarten Worksheets - Rhyming Words Kindergarten Rhyming Words Worksheets for March - Trying on Hats Rhyming Words Kindergarten Sight Words Worksheets for March
*Draw a Rainbow – Syllables Worksheet
*Roll, Read & Color – Word Families
*Sorting Gold – Word Families

Kindergarten Math and Literacy Printables - March - 3Kindergarten Syllables Worksheet for March Kindergarten Word Family Worksheets for March - Sorting Gold Word Families

*Medial Vowels
*I See a Rainbow – Fix it Sentences

March Kindergarten Worksheets - Medial Vowels March Kindergarten Worksheets - Rainbow Fix it Sentences

And here is your free March worksheet – Happy Leprechaun Counting. Just click to download. If you would like to see more free worksheets, please let me know by pinning this one, and any others on this page that your kids would enjoy. Thanks, and happy four leaf clover hunting.


Free March Kindergarten Worksheet

FREE March Kindergarten Worksheet - Happy Leprechaun Counting

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