October Writing Prompts - Narrative, Informative and Opinion.My October writing prompts are out, and I can’t wait to use them. One of my favorite things about creating writing prompts is that my children jump right in and help me come up with ideas. We seriously have brainstorming sessions where we plop down on a chair together and come up with fun, interesting, or semi-controversial things kids might like to write about. I know I’ve hit the jackpot when my 10 and 12-year-old beg to do a kindergarten – first grade writing prompt.

I’ve never found enjoyment in scaring myself, so I tend to lean towards the cutsie spooky side of Halloween. I tried to to go too scary with these writing prompts either, although the children do get to share their opinion about scary movies. Instead they get to share how they fell about spiders and ghosts.

The narrative prompts are great fun starting with a story about The Day a Ghost Moved in with Us. The kids will also get to imagine if they were invisible, and then tell about the scariest thing that has ever happened to them.

One of my favorite prompts in the set is the informative How to Throw a Monster Party where the children get to imagine what kind of party monster’s throw. How fun would it be to watch one of those! They’ll also get to describe the funniest costume they’ve ever seen, and then plan out their very own haunted house.

These October writing prompts all come with an organizer to help the children structure their writing, and then a draft page to use for rough and then final drafts as they work their way through the process. The prompts have a very strong Halloween theme this month, but there are also some prompts that could be used all year around.

Here is a quick peak at the set:

October Writing Prompts – Informative

* How to Throw a Monster Party
* The Funniest Costume I’ve Ever Seen
* My Haunted House

Informative Writing Prompts for October - How to Throw a Monster Party. Halloween Writing Prompts for October - My Haunted House Informative Prompt. October Writing Prompts - Informative: The Funniest Costume I've Ever Seen.

October Writing Prompts – Narrative

* The Day a Ghost Moved in With Us
* The Scariest Thing That Has Ever Happened to Me
* If I Were Invisible

Narrative Writing Prompts for October - The Scariest Thing that has Ever Happened to Me. October Narrative Writing Prompts - The Day a Ghost Moved In With Us.October Writing Prompts - Narrative: If I Were Invisible...

October Writing Prompts – Opinion

* My Opinion About Scary Movies
* My Opinion About Ghosts
* My Opinion About Spiders

Opinion Writing Prompts for October - My Opinion About Scary Movies. October Writing Prompts - Opinion: My Opinion About Spiders. October Opinion Writing Prompts - My Opinion About Ghosts.

There it is, our writing prompts for October. I hope those cute little writers enjoy them, and remember you can pick them up from my store by clicking on the top image or one of the heading links.

Have a not so spooky month!

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