Fill in the Missing Letters Sight Words Cover

I’ve got another Sight Words worksheet for you today. This cute apple themed printable focuses on reading and spelling sight words. Each worksheet contains 10 sight words, enclosed in a fall apple and missing a single letter. Using the word box at the top of the sheet, the children must figure out the missing letter and fill in the blank. They then write the complete word on the line below the apple.

Of course, if you would like, the children can color the apples when they’ve completed the worksheet. Coloring options are always a huge plus for my kids.

Free Sample Worksheet (Click and print)

Fill in the Missing Letters Sight Words Pg 1

This worksheet is great for the classroom morning work, literacy centers, extra practice or homework. It is also perfect for homeschool or a bit of extra practice at home. It can be used all year long, but it is particularly applicable during back-to-school and fall seasons.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!!

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  1. Thank you, I am glad I have found this page and joined. As a teacher Aide this has been heaps of fun with my two and students.

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