Easy DIY Dry Erase Boards using a sheet protector and card stock.

This past week I was in desperate need of some activities to keep my children entertained during a conference, and these DIY Dry Erase Boards were the perfect solution. My children love dry erase boards. They color, erase, and then color some more, sometimes for hours. We do have one large dry erase board easel, but it’s a bit hard to share. I wanted them to each have their own little board.

I was digging through my school supplies and found everything I needed to make a super simple diy dry erase board. We took a sheet of card stock, slipped it into a clear sheet protector, and wallah, a dry erase board. The kids broke out all of our colored dry erase markers and went to town. They practiced their anime, drew pet pictures and who knows what else. We used tissue and old socks for our erasers, and they had the best time.

As fun as these were for a fun art day project, they also make a fantastic learning tool. They are perfect for writing letters, name practice, sight words or working through math problems. For a spelling activity, I would say the word and have all of the children write the word on their own dry erase board, and then hold it up to show their work. After a quick erase, they’d be ready to go for the next word.

Another great feature of these dry erase boards is that they can all be stored in a 3-ring binder. On a student level, they could store these in their desk, pulling them out whenever a fun writing activity is on deck or just for fun if they’ve finished their assignment early. They could also be stored all together in a master teacher binder for a preschool class or specific assignments.

Easy, DIY Dry Erase Boards with a sheet protector and card stock.

A couple of tips I picked up are, the better the sheet protector the longer they will last. Also, if you want a bit of additional stiffness, just add another sheet or two of card stock into the sheet protector.

Thanks for checking out our DIY dry erase boards. I hope you get a chance to try them out soon.

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Easy DIY Dry Erase Boards for kids using card stock and sheet protectors.

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