Fun Seek and Spell Activity for kids - Hair Gel and Letter Beads Are you looking for a fun Spelling Activity for kids? This seek and spell bead bag is a huge hit with the kids, and it works as reading practice as well.

Spelling is one of those repetitive tasks that children have to do over and over again to reach mastery. It can get old, FAST! Finding ways to switch it up and keep it interesting can be so helpful to easily distracted little minds.

This spelling activity is a fantastic combination of sensory fun, fine motor play, and word building practice. It can work from preschool up through mid-elementary school. My 11-year-old and her friend actually stopped to enjoy it for a bit yesterday afternoon.

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Seek and Spell Activity for Kids

Spelling Activity for Kids

This spelling activity for kids is so simple to set up.

  • Start with a gallon zip lock bag.
  • Pour a 16-20 oz jar of hair gel into the bag. We used a jar from our local dollar store.
  • Pour a handful of colorful alphabet beads into the bag with the gel.
  • Zip the back securely closed, and mix the beads in throughout the gel.
  • Lay the bag out flat. Use your fingers to push the beads through the gel, making and reading words.

Fun Seek and Read Spelling Activity for kids.

Seek and Spell Spelling Activity for kids. Move the beads through the gel to make words.

I pulled out cards with sight words for my kids to spell. You could also use their weekly spelling list, or any other words you want them to build. You could also allow them free spelling time where they can make whatever words they would like.

When you are done, you can slide the bag into another zip lock, (just to keep it from accidentally spilling), and store it in the cupboard for another day. It should last for a while.

Fun Spelling Activity for kids - Seek and Spell Beads

Preschool Letter Find Adaptation

If your kids are pre-spellers, use this activity as an alphabet find. This would make an excellent alphabet letter recognition activity. Give them a list of letters to find, and have them search the bag, checking off each letter as they find it.

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