Do you need fun subtraction worksheets and hands-on subtraction centers? You are going to LOVE this awesome kindergarten math unit! It is packed with colorful, game-like centers and lots of great worksheets for extra practice.

My own little kindergartner kept sneaking into my office, this past week, to pull out some of his favorite subtraction activities from the set. I’d find him on the living room rug working on his math just for fun. He couldn’t even wait for me to finish getting the photos done! I hope your students enjoy these just as much, and are able to get some fantastic support for learning to subtract.

Would you like a quick preview of this set? I’ll post the photos below. If you feel like these ideas would be helpful to your students, you can get them here.

Subtraction Centers

Whack-a-Ball Subtraction

AWESOME Subtraction idea for kids - Whack-a-Ball Subtraction

This is our FAVORITE SUBTRACTION GAME EVER!! The kids absolutely love it, and you can make it with a simple shoe box, some ping pong balls, and the printable subtraction cards. We used a toy hammer, but you can also just use a hand to press in the balls that you are taking away.

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Pop Up – Push Down Subtraction

Fun Subtraction Activity for Kids - So fun for Groundhog Day.

Subtraction is more fun when you can see it, and with this game you get a great visual. Pop the gophers up and down in their pool noodle grass to show the minuend, the subtrahend, and of course, the difference.

Bowling Subtraction

Fun Bowling Subtraction Game - Fun Math ideas for Kindergarten.

It’s hare to the the kids to STOP playing this awesome subtraction game. Start with 10, and then take away however many toilet paper rolls you knock down. Start from difference for the next roll, and then get one final chance to knock all of the “bowling pins” down. Of course, you can record the subtraction sentences as you go.

Hungry Monster Sensory Subtraction

Kindergarten Subtraction Game - Subtraction Under 10

Feeding monsters is great fun, and this subtraction project doubles as a sensory activity as well. You will need our printable monster page, a bottle of hair gel, 10 buttons, a dice, and a Zip Lock bag.

Subtraction Fishing

Subtraction Under 10 Game for Kids - Fishing Subtraction

Does it get more fun than this? There are 10 fish in the pond. Roll a dice to see how many to fish out. Write a subtraction sentence to show the difference.

Roll & Subtract Towers

Roll and Subtract Block Towers - Fun Subtraction for Kids.

Block towers are made to be taken down, but we are combining this deconstruction with a bit of math. Start with 10 blocks. Roll to see how many blocks to take away. Start on the next line with the difference, and then repeat one more time.

Dinosaur Tracks Subtraction

Dinosaur Tracks Subtraction Game for Kindergarten.

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs! For this fun subtraction activity the kids will get to help their dinosaurs move along the tracks, and then back track to subtract.

Flip & Tuck Subtraction

Fun Subtraction Game - Flip it Up and Take them Down

We love this fun subtraction manipulative, because it is easy to print, cut, and keep at your desk. Just flip the tabs up to show the minuend. Then fold down for the subtrahend. What you have left is the difference.

Gumball Subtraction

Gumball Subtraction Math Activity for Kids.

Gumball machines are always fun, and you can use this one in a couple of ways. We used little circle markers for our gumballs, but playdough or buttons would work just as well. Either way the kids can make the gumballs slide down and out of the gumball machine as they take them away from the minuend.

Race Car Spin & Subtract

Rev Your Engines - Race Car Subtraction Spinner for Kids.

If any of your kids love cars, this is a fantastic activity for them. Be prepared for sound effects, because the children get to rev their engines up to the minuend, and then let them slide back down as they take away the subtrahend. So fun!

Take it Away Clip Cards

Fun Subtraction Clip Cards for Kindergarten - Take it Away Penguins

We love these simple print and solve clip cards. Children love using clothespins to pin the answer, and if you laminate them, they can last for years.

Knock it Over Dominoes

Knock it Down Subtraction Game for Kids. Fun for Kindergarten Math.

One of the best things about dominoes is setting them up and knocking them down. This subtraction activity turns the fun of that into hands-on, visual math. Read the problem on the card to set up the correct number of dominoes. Then knock them down to take them away. Whatever is left standing is the difference.

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Subtraction Worksheets

This kindergarten math set also includes 25 Subtraction Worksheets. These printable worksheets are fun, extra practice to reinforce what is being taught in the hands-on activities. They are no-prep, ready to print and pass out to your class.

Here is a quick look at some of the subtraction worksheets in this set:

Color by Difference - Fun Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten. Color By Difference - Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten. Kindergarten Subtraction Worksheets - Fun Math Centers for Kindergarten. Lots of fun Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten.Ten Frame Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten. Subtraction Under 10 Worksheets for Kindergarten. Subtraction Under 10 Worksheets for Kindergarten Math. Subtraction Under 5 Worksheets for Kindergarten. Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Subtraction Under 10. Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Bug Subtraction Under 10 Fun Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten. Fun Subtraction Under 10 Worksheets for Kindergarten II. Fill in the Missing Number Subtraction - Kindergarten Math Worksheets. Domino Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten. Dice Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten and other Math Worksheets. Cut and Paste Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten. Animal Subtraction Under 5 for Kindergarten.

Thank you for checking out our Subtraction Worksheets and Centers for Kindergarten. If these would be helpful to you and children you teach, you can get them by clicking the image below.


Subtraction Worksheets and Centers



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