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D is for Dragon Craft

Letter D Craft

It is time for another letter in the Alphabet Series, our Letter D Craft!  D is for Dragon is the theme for this one.  Talk about fun!  Dragons are the perfect item to get everyone’s imaginations going, especially those young minds still learning their alphabet!  Dragons are what fairy tales are made of! Who loved […] Read more…

Letter C Craft for Kids - C is for Crab

Letter C Craft

This Letter C Craft is the next letter in the preschool letter crafts.  The theme for this craft is C is for Crab.  It can be made with colored card stock or the craft foam sheets. The template for the letter C is included in this post. This craft can be used for working on […] Read more…

B is for Balloon Letter Craft with free printable template.

Letter B Craft

We are running a series of crafts geared at helping the children learn the alphabet.  Each letter of the alphabet will be paired with items that children love.  Pairing the letters with fun items will help the kids have better letter recognition and also help them remember their sounds. Well, guess what!  It is time […] Read more…

DIY Alphabet Books for Kids.

DIY Alphabet Books

One of my earliest memories from kindergarten was making alphabet books. We were all paired with kids from an older grade, and I just happened to be paired with my big brother. That book was one of my special treasures. These alphabet books are great fun to look and and flip through, but they also […] Read more…

Letter A Craft for Preschool

Letter A Craft

Great news!! We’ve been putting together some preschool letter crafts for you, and this first one is our Letter A craft. The theme for this craft is A is for Airplane, and you can create it out of colored paper or foam sheets. What kid doesn’t love airplanes? They are just so fun. It also […] Read more…

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