Cute Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

  It’s been a long winter here in Utah, and we’re more than ready for spring. Whether hanging high from the porch rafters, or flying through the air on your child’s wrist, this Rainbow Windsock craft for kids is guaranteed to bring sunshine to any day. It’s bright and colorful and a delightful project for […] Read more…

Fun Clouds and Rainbow Necklace Craft for kids.

Rainbow Necklace Craft for Kids

  With a ten-year-old daughter and four granddaughters, we’re all about rainbows and unicorns around here. We’re also all about crafting. Simple is always best in my book, and this Rainbow Necklace craft fits the bill. We’ve even provided a free cloud printable—just print and cut. No free-hand drawing necessary. Stringing the clouds and straw […] Read more…

Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft

Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft for Kids

Spring is so close I can almost smell it, and to celebrate we’re making a cute Cupcake Liner Rainbow Craft for kids. The snow is nearly melted, the ground is warming up, and we are looking forward to April showers and bright colored flowers. I love rainbow crafts! They remind me of all of the […] Read more…