Telling Time Worksheets for first grade. Hour and half hour.Clocks, clocks, and more clocks. This is a fun set of 15 telling time worksheets for first grade. I couldn’t stop smiling while making these, because they just made me happy. I think I might love the froggy pages the most, but the racing pages are a close second.

Let me tell you a little bit about this set. There are three different types of worksheets included. The exercises help the children practice reading clocks, drawing the hands on a clock, and comparing which hours come first and later. This set covers clocks on the hour and half hour, fitting the first grade common core standard for telling time.

Telling time Worksheets for First Grade. So fun and educational!

I love clocks and telling time. My goal was to make this set a lot of fun, and I hope I succeeded. The worksheets were designed to include the kids in a bit of a story while they work. They get to determine the winners of epic car races and help Frog experiment with his new alarm clock.

Here is a closer look at the worksheets in this set:


5 Frog’s Crazy Alarm Clock Worksheets

For this set, Frog has just gotten a new alarm clock. He experiments with it, setting it for crazy times throughout the day like the middle of the night, bath time, and during the school day. The children have to draw the hands on the clock to show the time he set it for. Early finishers can color the fun pictures when they’ve finished the math work.

Telling Time Worksheets - Frog's Crazy Alarm Clock. When did he set it. So fun!


5 Who Finished First Worksheets

These worksheets feature cars racing to the finish line. The children must read the clocks and write the finish time for each car. They can write the time right above each car’s track. Then they compare times and color the car that finished first. This adds a bit of compare and evaluate to the time telling practice.

Telling Time Worksheets. Who finished the race first.


5 Which Clock is it Worksheets

For these worksheets, the children have a digital time written and two clocks to choose from. They much select and color the clock that shows the time displayed in the box.

Telling Time Worksheets - Color the correct clock.

These telling time worksheets could be used as morning work, homework, math center activities, or as part of a lesson plan. They are created in black and white for easy printing, and they can act as stand alone pages or part of a unit.

I hope your kids enjoy working on these telling time worksheets, and that they make your lives a little bit easier.

Happy Time Telling!


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