Valentines Crafts for Preschool - Heart Animals #valentinesday #valentinescrafts #craftsforkids #animalcraftsLooking for fun Valentine’s Crafts for Preschool? We have some ideas for you. These adorable heart shaped animal crafts are fun for preschool and far beyond.

I have to tell you, all of these valentine crafts are the idea and creation of my 11-year-old daughter. She started by drawing up every kind of heart shaped animal she could think of, and then broke out the scissors, paper, and glue to make them come to life.

Within a few minutes of starting her weekend project, my younger children joined in as well. They laughed and admired each other’s ideas, even giving occasional suggestions to make the animals even better.

My favorite thing about these Valentines crafts for preschool or beyond, is how it allows for so much creativity. The general idea is to create an animal using hearts, but the expressions, the faces, the details are all up to your imagination.

So what kind of animals can you make out of hearts?

Here are some of my daughter’s ideas:

Valentines Crafts For Preschool – Heart Animals

Basic Supply List:

And if you LOVE them as much as we do…

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Zoo Heart Animals - Valentines Crafts for Preschool #valentinesday #valentinescrafts #craftsforkids #preschoolcrafts #animalcrafts


It’s hard to pick a favorite out of so many cute ideas, but the giraffe might be my top contender. You will need to cute a basic heart face with ears and¬†ossicones (their horns) out of beige paper. Then add spots using a darker brown. Draw in a face.


Don’t you love this hippo? It’s simple too. Cut a heart with two little ears near the bottom. Then flip it upside down. Glue some teeth to the bottom and draw a face.


This crocodile is a very tall heart shape tipped on it’s side, with an eye at the top. Glue some teeth in the mouth for that impressive smile.


Ocean Themed Heart Animals - Valentines Crafts for Preschool


The whale body is a combination of a large heart and tiny heart attached at the tips. You can cut another small heart for a fin. Then draw a face and a blow hole to finish the craft.


Cut a rounded heart for this jellyfish body. Flip it upside down and attach the tentacles to the bottom. Then draw a cute face on the front.



Animal Valentines Crafts for Preschool


LOVE this cute dog! He’s made from an upside down heart with ears, spot, tongue and nose glued on from a different color of paper.


This beaver is a heart on it’s side. Draw a grid pattern on the top half of the heart to make his tail, and then draw a face on the bottom half. Make sure you add a large white tooth or two.


I want to be friends with this monkey made with a dark brown heart base. Glue a lighter brown face shape and ears. Then draw or glue on the rest of the face.

Love Bug

This happy bug can’t wait to take off with it’s heart shaped wings.

We hope you love these little heart shaped critters as much as we do. They make fantastic Valentines Crafts for preschool and beyond. We hope you get a chance to try them out and even come up with a few of your own. Tag us on social media with your pics.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Heart Shaped Animals - Valentines Crafts for Preschool

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