Fall Word Families Worksheets for kindergarten and 1st Grade. #printable #word #families #kindergarten #1st #gradeLearning to identify and read from word families is a critical skill for early readers. It improves the speed and accuracy of a child’s reading, and gives them the confidence to try words that they have not read but look familiar. This means that when your child picks up those beginning books, they don’t have to painstakingly sound out every single m-a-t and c-a-t. Instead, as they study word families, they begin to recognize the ending of a word and are able to say it on sight.

I used this practice extensively with my third child, slowly going through all of the consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) families and then adding on to CCVC and more difficult words. It was amazing how quickly she made the connections and started picking up words. She quickly became my best kindergarten reader so far. She began first grade reading chapter books, and I give most of the credit to our word family practice.

Here is a look at some of the worksheets from this bundle, and the last one is a FREEBIE:

Word Families worksheets for fall. Word Families worksheets for fall Word Families Worksheets for fall. Word Families Worksheets for fall.

And here is your FREEBIE!! Just click and print.
Fall Word Families Free Printable Worksheet for kindergarten or 1st grade. #kindergarten #firstgrade #printables #worksheets #free #reading

These Fall Word Family Worksheets cover mostly CVC words with a few CCVC words, and are meant for beginning readers. The fun fall themes include sorts, color by word family, and mazes.

Word families featured include:

  • -ab
  • -ad
  • -ag
  • -am
  • -an
  • -ap
  • -at
  • -ed
  • -en
  • -et
  • -it
  • -in
  • -ig
  • -ob
  • -og
  • -op
  • -ot
  • -ub
  • -ug
  • -un

I hope you enjoy these worksheets, and let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to help.

Download the Entire Packet Here.

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