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April Morning Tubs

April Morning Tubs - Preschool Activities for Kids

Do you need April Morning Tubs for your preschool or kindergarten class?

Morning tubs are often used as students are coming in and settling in for the day. They engage kids while attendance is being taken, homework folders are being opened and checked, and those types of daily tasks.

Morning tubs are great for a couple of reasons.

  1. Building Independence: Kids are able to work on their own or in small groups at their table to use their bin(s). It encourages them to self-start and learn/play on their own.
  2. Socialization: Morning tubs give kids a chance to work together in small groups. They get to share pieces, solve problems together, and even just talk, play, and learn for a few minutes with a couple of their tablemates.
  3. Creativity and Play: Creativity is something we can build and increase by spending time working on it. Morning tubs are a perfect way to introduce a little more play and freedom into learning rather than traditional worksheets or morning work that kept kids busy but did not encourage creativity and play.

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April Math & Literacy Activities

Beginning Sounds Activities for Preschool - April Morning Tubs

Beginning Sounds Rain

Find and make the raindrops by covering the letters that match the beginning sound of the cloud picture. You could use playdough, flat marbles, pom poms, or clear bingo markers for this one.

Color Matching Activity for Preschool - Spring Morning Tubs

Bunny Tail Color Match

Add some fine motor skills practice to this silly bunny tail color matching game.

Alphabet Activity for Preschool - April Morning Tubs

Fill a Letter ABCs

How many ways can you fill the letters? We tried buttons, pom poms, cereal, goldfish… What else could you use?

Patterns Activity for Preschool - April Morning Tubs

Dough Flower Patterns

Make your own spring flowers by tracing the flower top patterns with playdough. This is great for sensory and fine motor skills.

Shapes Sorting Activity for Preschool - Morning Tubs For April

Flower Shapes Sort

Sort your shapes to match the flowers. You can use buttons or stick foam shape stickers onto clothespins and clip the matching shapes below the flowers.

April Morning Tubs for Preschool - Counting Activities for Spring

Jelly Bean Counting

Clip the coin that shows how many jelly beans are in each jar. We love to use actual jelly beans for this one to get one-to-one correspondence practice while we count.

Shapes Activity for Preschool - April Morning Tubs

Cereal Shape Tracing

Make the shapes while getting some fine motor skills practice. We used cereal, but you could use beans, pom poms, etc.

Tracing Activities for Preschool

Tracing Lines

We like to mix up how we trace. Sometimes we use beans (or jelly beans for April). We also use pipe cleaners, playdough, yarn, and dry erase markers. What do you like to use?

Counting Activities for Preschool - April Morning Tubs

Sheep Wool Counting

These spring sheep are missing their fuzzy wool. Use tongs to count out pom poms or cotton balls to make those sheep nice and fluffy.

Counting Activities for Preschool - Morning Tubs for April

Flower Garden Counting

Use this one a lot of fun ways. We added playdough for our grass and made our flowers out of pipe cleaners and buttons. You could also use silk flowers and stick them in the dough..

We hope you loved these adorable April Morning tubs as much as we do. You can find them to purchase below.

Morning Tubs - April

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  1. Amazing! Loved this blog and it made me wish I was a child again! Also, what you’ve mentioned about socializing, building independence and creativity… these are essential and continue to play an important role through life. Kids are less exposure to the right activities, since they’re replaying play time with screen time. We need to make such activities more fun… that’s why I loved your blog.

    1. The majority of our products are in Preschool Club, but not all of them. If you want to send us an email we can give you more details and answer about specific items you are interested in.

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