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Cute DIY Valentines for Kids

DIY Valentine Ideas for Kids.

This year three of my children have Valentine’s day parties at school, and we have been working on some Cute DIY valentines for kids. In the process of figuring out what we were going to make, we scoured the internet to find some of our favorite diy valentines to share with you.

I love the idea of diy valentines. They are so personal and can really reflect what your child is interested in. They also tend to be a fantastic arts and craft project for kids to work on with mom. It is so fun to watch how creative they get.

Today I’m sharing several of our Valentines as well as clever, cute ideas from other moms. There are candy valentines, non-candy valentines, and even toy valentines. Get inspired, and have fun making them with your kids.

Cute DIY Valentines for Kids

Super Cute DIY Valentines for kids.

My toddler and preschooler go nuts for bubbles, and we loved this “You Blow Me Away” valentine by The Girl Creative.

Cute Non-Candy Valentine for kids.

How perfect is this “You’re my main squeeze” valentine by Funky Polkadot Giraffe?! It’s a low mess, yummy treat that doesn’t scream sugar. I wanted to do this one for my preschooler, but he had an idea of his own. (Keep reading to see what it is. 😉 )

Cute DIY Valentine for kids.

Little pizza lovers everywhere will enjoy this “You Stole a Pizza my Heart” valentine by Surviving a Teachers Salary. You could even do this together as a class Valentine’s day craft.

No Candy Valentine Idea for kids - and other fun DIY Valentines

Here’s another great diy, non-candy valentine that would be great for preschool and kindergarten. My kids and I made these, and my middle schooler was the first to ask if she could have one. 🙂

Cute DIY Valentines for Kids.

Feed your child’s bug obsession with these super cute “Love Bug” valentines by Dandee Designs. This is such a great non-candy valentine idea that can be enjoyed for hours to come.

DIY Emoji Valentines for kids

These DIY Emoji Valentines are headed to my second grader’s class this year. She had the best time making them, and gluing the hearts on to create faces. She added her candy to the back.

DIY Valentine Ideas for Kids.

A large bag of Sweedish Fish goes a long way when you’re making these “You’re the Coolest Fish in the Sea” valentines. You can draw your fish, write the word fish, or use fun stickers to make your card.

Non Candy Valentine Idea for kids. So cute!

Don’t you love these “You Rule” valentines by Relocated Living? They are so clever, and a great gift too. These would be fun in any classroom or even as a valentine gift from teachers to kids.

DIY BB8 Valentine from Star Wars - Will you BB Mine

My preschool son is quickly becoming a major Star Wars fan. He wanted BB8 valentines, so we made these together. He couldn’t wait to take them to school.

Awesome Non Candy Valentine Ideas for kids.

If you are looking for non-candy valentine ideas, we have several good ones for you. My preschool son was excited about the “I Wheelie Like You” valentine by Artsy Momma. Cars are his thing right now, and you can never have too many cars. 🙂

We also loved these Water Resist Bookmark Valentines by Sparkling Buds. This is such a great project, and the finished bookmarks are so cute.

Fun DIY Valentine Ideas for kids.

If you are looking for a great diy valentines project, these personal Necklaces from Sunshine and Hurricanes are just the thing. Make them to fit the person. These would be great for preschool or kindergarten.

Olaf is a total crowd pleaser, and we love this Build your Own Snowman Valentine by One Creative Mommy.

There is something super in all of us, and these Tootsie Pop Super Hero Valentines by One Creative Mommy bring a bit of that out.

Thank you for checking out these cute DIY Valentines for kids. Have an amazing holiday filled with hugs from the little people you love.

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