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Easy Preschool Counting Activity

Easy Preschool Counting Activity with Uno CardsDo you ever need an Easy Preschool Counting Activity? I have one for you. It’s the kind you can pull out of the cupboard at a moments notice, and it’s ready to go.

For this activity we started off in our game cupboard. Game cupboards are magical places. There are so many fun learning tools there just waiting to be found and used. We pull dice from there, spinners, cards, and who knows what else.

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For this activity I wanted numbered cards. We chose Uno cards, but you could use Skipbo, Rook, or any other fun numbered cards you have lying around. I like the ones with bright colors, because the younger kids seem to enjoy those.

Next, we picked out cards that were between one and nine. If your kids are counting higher than that, I would recommend using miniature clothespins so they fit on the cards. For our one to nine counting, we used the larger clothespins.

Fun Easy Preschool Counting Activity for kids.


Wood clothespins work great for this, but happen to have colored ones in the closet. They are so bright and fun, and they’re our favorite to use for educational activities.

After that, the activity is pretty straight forward. We shuffled the cards and set them upside down in a pile. My preschooler’s job was to pick up one card at a time, and clip the correct number of clothespins onto the card.

My kids love playing with clothespins. Pinching them and closing them on things is a lot of fun. It’s great fine motor practice as well, adding another level of learning to this already fantastic activity.

Easy Preschool Counting Activity with Uno Cards and Clothespins.

Once my preschooler clipped the corresponding number of clothespins onto a card, he picked up the next one and began counting again. 1, 2, 3. Clip, Clip, Clip, and so on. It was a lot of fun, and when he was done, everything went back into the cupboard.

If you are ever in need of an easy preschool counting activity, this one is hard to beat. I hope you enjoyed the idea, and Happy Counting!

4 Responses

  1. Awesome idea! I wish my son was still in preschool so I could do this with him! (Although he did very well learning his numbers and what they represented/one-to-one correspondence, this would have been a lot of fun and very helpful.) I’m sure many will benefit from this idea.

  2. Our family LOVES Uno!!! What a fun way to repurpose the Uno cards and use them for an activity that is just as fun as the game itself!

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