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Ice Cream Theme

Preschool Ice Cream Theme Activities #preschool #preschoolcenters #summerpreschool #icecreamtheme #planningplaytime

Do you teach an Ice Cream Theme at your preschool? If so, you’ll want to check out this fantastic collection of themed learning activities that are full of fun ice cream and frozen treat fun.

The set comes with 16 ice cream theme centers that work on math, literacy, fine motor skills, colors and more. The kids will love playing and pretending with “ice cream” as they work their way through these projects and learn.

I also created black and white, no-prep worksheets for extra practice. These worksheet activities include things like name spelling practice, cut and paste counting, and ice cream dot-to-dot, tracing and more.

Preschool Centers - Ice Cream Theme

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.


You will probably need a wide variety of Ice Cream activities for your preschool lesson planning. We’ve included activities ranging from alphabet and counting to patterns, sight words, and more. Check them out below.

Ice Cream Math Activities for Preschool

Anytime we are teaching early math we need to cover different parts of number sense. In the following math activities, you’ll find counting, subitizing, graphing, 10 frames, and more to teach number sense during your preschool Ice Cream Day theme.

Preschool Measurement Activity with Ice Cream and Snap Cubes #preschool #preschoolcenters #summerpreschool #icecreamtheme #planningplaytime #preschoolmath #measurement

Measuring Ice Cream Cones

Non-standard measurement is an important early math skill. The kids can work on that hear by measuring how tall each ice cream cone is using snap cubes or blocks.

Monster Ice Cream Counting

This activity combines fine motor goodness with counting. You can also modify it to be an early subtraction activity by having 10 scoops to start with, and then using a finger to squish each ice cream ball the monster has already eaten.

Preschool Centers Counting Game with pretend Ice Cream #preschool #preschoolcenters #summerpreschool #icecreamtheme #planningplaytime #countinggame

Counting Ice Cream Scoops

What better way to play in your ice cream theme than with and actual ice cream scoop? This activity was perfect with our giant pom poms. Kids can scoop and place their ice cream as they count. This might be extra fun if you had an old ice cream container to store the pom poms in.

Subitizing Puzzles for Preschool Centers #preschool #preschoolcenters #summerpreschool #icecreamtheme #planningplaytime #subitizing

Subitizing Popsicle Puzzles

Rainbow Popsicles are one of my favorites. Here the kids get to put them together by completing these subitizing puzzles.

Preschool Centers for an Ice Cream Theme

Very Berry Sundae Counting

Make a yummy berry sundae by counting the correct number of strawberries onto the ice cream page. We used a spoon for this fine motor activity.

Ice Cream Color Patterns

If you are working on patterns, this activity is a lot of fun. It also doubles as fine motor practice as kids pick up and place the ice cream scoops. We made our ice cream scoops out of pom poms but playdough or buttons would work great as well.

Preschool Centers - Ice Cream Theme

Ice Cream Literacy Activities

In preschool, we work on a range of literacy skills depending on where our kiddos are at. Here are earth-themed centers for alphabet letters, syllables, sight words, and more to use in your Ice Cream preschool theme.

Ice Cream Bar Sight Words

This may be the center to fight over. Writing in sprinkles?? That is just too fun.

Ice Cream Cone Letter Bingo

You will need your favorite magnetic letters and buttons to add to this ice cream themed letter bingo game. Pick a letter from the basket and cover that cone.

Preschool Letter Matching Puzzles - Ice Cream Theme #preschool #preschoolcenters #summerpreschool #icecreamtheme #planningplaytime #lettermatching #alphabet

Ice Cream Letter Match

Match the upper and lowercase letters to serve up this ice cream one dish at a time.

Ice Cream Name Sundae

Build your name in ice cream. That’s the dream, right? Kids will love this cute craft, and it can hang on the class bulletin board or fridge at home.

Preschool Letter Matching Puzzles - Summer Theme

Popsicle Letter Matching Puzzles

The kids can pretend to work in a Popsicle factory as they match upper and lowercase letters together to complete these yummy treats.un as well.

Beginning Sound Ice Cream Cones

These ice cream cones have picture words, A-Z. The kids get to figure out what the beginning sound is for each word, and place that letter on their cone.

Preschool Centers - Ice Cream Theme

More Ice Cream Activities for Preschool

If you need more ideas for shape and color activities for circle time, or some fun additional ice cream activities, these Ice Cream printables are for you.

Popsicle Color Sort

Use and egg carton to make a colorful Popsicle tray. Kids will love this fun, fine motor activity that teaches color recognition and matching.

Preschool Shapes Game - Making Shape Cones with Playdough #preschool #preschoolcenters #summerpreschool #icecreamtheme #planningplaytime #preschoolshapes

Ice Cream Shapes

Make your own ice cream cone with playdough. The catch? Can you make it in this shape? What a fun way to practice and learn about 2D shapes.

Writing Centers for Preschool Ice Cream theme

Ice Cream Word Strips

For this activity the kids get to work on building their language, one ice cream word at a time. We love using magnetic letters on a baking tray to build our words.

Preschool Feelings Activity - Ice Cream Theme

Ice Cream Emotions Sort

This activity is great for kids to talk about feelings and emotions. They also get to sort by category which is an early math skill for measurement and data.

Preschool Centers - Ice Cream Theme

Ice Cream Worksheets

Do you ever need something fast, no-prep, print-and-go for a sub or one of those super crazy preschool days?

These Ice Cream worksheets are the perfect last-minute fill-in for your lesson plans. They’re also a lot of fun for early finishers or for take-home packets.

Ice Cream Math Worksheets

These ice cream worksheets cover a variety of early math skills. Teach kids shapes, counting, base 10, measurement, and number recognition with these fun math printables.

Preschool Counting Worksheets - Ice Cream Theme #countingworksheets #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool Ice Cream Worksheets - Number Order #countingworksheets #numberorder #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime

Ice Cream Literacy Worksheets

We are constantly working on early literacy in preschool. These Ice Cream literacy worksheets allow you to differentiate between a variety of learning levels. Younger preschoolers and pre-writers can start with the sorting whereas more advanced learners can work on letter sounds and letter tracing.

Preschool Ice Cream Theme Worksheets - Popsicle Alphabet #alphabetworksheets #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime
Letter Sorting Worksheets - Preschool Ice Cream Theme #letterworksheets #alphabetworksheets #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool Name Worksheet - Ice Cream Theme #nameworksheets #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime

More Ice Cream Worksheets for Preschool

Some of the most important skills preschoolers learn are not math and literacy. With these Ice Cream worksheets they can also practice fine motor skills, tracing, scissor skills, and even do a bit of science.

Preschool Tracing Worksheets in an Ice Cream Theme #tracingworksheets #preschooltracing #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool Shapes Worksheets - Ice Cream Theme #shapesworksheets #preschoolworksheets #icecreamworksheets #summerworksheets #planningplaytime
Preschool Centers - Ice Cream Theme

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