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Kindergarten Math and Literacy Worksheets for December

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Kindergarten Math and Literacy Printables for December with a Freebie. #kindergarten #worksheets #printables

Today I’m sharing my latest project, Kindergarten Math and Literacy worksheets for December, and of course, at the end, I have a free printable worksheet for you.

Most of my work lately has been for my daughter’s 1st Grade level, so it was fun to stray a bit from that on this set and do something younger. My younger son will be able to use and enjoy some of these during these exciting weeks before Christmas. There is a Christmas train, snowmen, presents, and lots of other fun themes to learn with.


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Kindergarten Math and Literacy printables for December. Reading comprehension, counting, addition, subtraction, sentence writing, syllables and more.

There are currently 25 worksheets in this set. All of them are, no prep printables that are perfect for teachers or homeschool families. They could be used as morning work, homework, math and literacy center activities, or as part of a lesson plan. The theme for this set is December. Some of the worksheets are ideal for Christmas time, but many of the sheets could be used throughout the winter.

December Kindergarten Worksheets

Here is a list of the worksheets currently included in this set:

1. Beginning Sounds (Winter Words)

2. Build a Snowman Counting Syllables

3. Candy Cane Express Rhyming Words Train

Kindergarten Rhyming worksheet - Rhyming trains. Color the cars that rhyme with the engine. #kindergarten #worksheets Kindergarten Syllables Worksheet - Clap the word, write how many syllables, and draw a circle on the snowman for each one. #kindergarten #worksheets #printablesBeginning Sounds worksheet with winter words. Great for Kindergarten and 1st grade. #kindergarten #worksheets #printables

4. Christmas Tree Contest (Measurement Activity)

5. Christmas Tree – Build a Sentence

6. Color by Word Families Christmas Lights

Kindergarten Measurement Worksheet - Tallest Christmas Tree Contest. Give the trees awards after measuring and comparing their heights. #kindergarten #math #worksheets #printables

Kindergarten Word Families Worksheets - Color the Christmas light strands by word families. #kindergarten #word #families #Christmas #worksheets


7. Count by 10s Penguins

8. Counting Hats (Count forward starting from any number 1-20.)

9. Hot Cocoa Addition (Count and Add)

Kindergarten Addition worksheet - Hot Cocoa Addition. Count the marshmallows, and complete the equation. #kindergarten #math #addition #worksheets Kindergarten Counting activity - Fill in the numbers by counting 1 more than and 1 less than. #kindergarten #counting #worksheetsSkip counting by 10s worksheet for kindergarten. Fill in the missing numbers. #kindergarten #worksheets #skipcounting

10. How to Build a Snowman (Draw the steps in order.)

11. I See Opposites – Cut and Paste Antonyms

12. Candy Cane Ten Frames (Making 10)

Making 10 worksheet for Kindergarten - Candy cane theme. #kindergarten #worksheets #making10 I see Opposites Kindergarten Antonyms worksheet for winter. Cut and paste the picture that is opposite. #kindergarten #worksheets #antonyms

13. Match the Mittens (Tally Marks to Numbers)

14. Same or Different

15. Sight Words Search, Graph, and Analyze (of, to, in, is, he, it)


More December Kindergarten Worksheets


Kindergarten Tally worksheet - Match the Mittens. Draw a line from each mitten to it's match, and other fun kindergarten worksheets. #kindergarten #worksheets #printables Sight words Search and graph worksheet for Kindergarten. Find the words, graph them, and then answer the questions below. #kindergarten #graphing #sightwords #worksheetsSame or different Worksheet for kindergarten, and other cute kindergarten printables. #kindergarten #worksheets #printables

16. Sight Words Tree – Find, Color, and Count (the, of, and)

17. Sight Words Tree II – Find, Color, and Count (you, that, was)

18. Snow Day Read and Draw Story (Reading Comprehension)

Kindergarten Sight Words worksheet - Color by Sight Words Christmas tree. Color the ornaments the correct color. Color the rest of the tree. Count and write how many sight words you found. #kindergarten #sightwords #worksheet Reading Comprehension worksheet for Kindergarten or 1st grade - Snow Day Read and Draw Story. Use the pictures to figure out the underlined words. #kindergarten #reading #comprehension

19. Snowman Word Family Hats Match (-ap, -et, -op)

20. Snowball Ten Frames

21. Snowman – Build a Sentence

Kindergarten Word Families worksheet - Snow Man Hats. Draw a line from each hat to the correct snowman. Color the hats if you finish early. #kindergarten #worksheets #wordfamilies Kindergarten Sentence Building Worksheet. Use the words to make a sentence. Capitalize the first word, and a period at the end. Draw a picture of the sentence. #kindergarten #worksheetsKindergarten 10 frames worksheet. Draw the correct number of snowballs in the 10 frame. #kindergarten #worksheets

22. True or False Fun (Reading Comprehension)

23. Winter Subtraction (Under 10)

24. Word Family Snowball Fight (en, ob, eg, ill)

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension worksheet - True or False Silly sentences. Read the sentences. Color the correct face to show whether it is true or false. My kids LOVED this! #kindergarten #worksheets #reading #comprehension Kindergarten subtraction worksheet. Use the pictures to solve the equation. #kindergarten #subtraction #worksheetWord families worksheet for Kindergarten or 1st grade. Help the kids aim their snowballs. Draw a line from each snowball to the correct kid. #kindergarten #word #families #worksheet

And here is your cute, winter FREEBIE!! Just click and print. If you enjoy this freebie, please take just a minute to pin it and share it or any of these other worksheets with your friends. Thank you so much!!

25. Winter Counting (Under 20)

FREE Kindergarten Counting Worksheet - Count the objects, and fill in the correct circle. So Cute! #kindergarten #worksheet #free

I hope you find these worksheets engaging and helpful in your classrooms or at home with your kids. Have a wonderful holiday season!

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