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Measurement Worksheets

Measurement Worksheets and Activities for Kindergarten #kindergartenmath #measurement

Get ready for an amazing math unit with these fun measurement activities for kindergarten.

Measurement is such a fun concept to teach because it’s something that children see everywhere around them.

Helping them recognize and quantify the differences in size, weight, and other measurable attributes really is giving them words to express things they’ve already noticed but maybe didn’t understand.

Measurement Worksheets and Activities for Kindergarten

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My kids love to measure things. They are fascinated by how tall they are, how much they weigh, and who is bigger. These are all great math concepts, and in these measurement worksheets and activities, the children will get to explore various kinds of measurement and data gathering.

Measurement Games for Kindergarten

Use game pieces from popular card and board games to instantly up the engagement and fun level of your math centers. In these kindergarten measurement games, we use things like Uno cards, snap cubes, and Legos to get kids enjoying math.

Kindergarten Graphing Game - Roll and Graph with Uno Cards and Snap Cubes #kindergartenmath #measurement #graphing

Roll & Graph Cubes and Cards Game

This activity is low prep and fun. All you need are some Uno cards, snap cubes and a dice.

Measurement Games for Kindergarten Math. #kindergartenmath #measurement

Sweet Treats – Measure It

Kindergartners get to practice non-standard measurement, meaning that they get to measure with things other than rulers. For this activity, they get to practice measuring sweet treats with a variety of block sizes, or you could measure with paperclips and other classroom supplies.

Fun Measurement Game for Kindergarten - Sort by size. #kindergartenmath #measurement

Sort by Size Cake and Candles

Playdough lovers will adore this activity. Cut straws to make the “candles”, and let the children sort them by length.

Build and Measure - Data and Measurement Activities for Kindergarten math #kindergartenmath #measurement

Build and Measure Block Towers

You can use any blocks you have for this activity, but we love to use Legos. My kiddos love to build Lego towers, and measuring them just made it more fun.

Cute Goldfish Measurement Activity for Kindergarten Math. #kindergartenmath #measurement

How Many Fish Long?

Here is another example of non-standard measurement, and it involves a delicious snack. you can use toy fish as well if you would rather not have crackers.

Venn Diagram Sorting Kindergarten Math Game #kindergartenmath #measurement

Where Animals Live Venn Diagram

Venn diagrams are a fantastic way for children to analyze and sort data. For this one, we used animal counters from the cupboard, but you can also use sets from the dollar store or any others that you have.

Measurement Worksheets and Activities for Kindergarten

Measurement for Kindergarten Activities

Keep the learning fun going with these fun math centers. Several of these activities are great for circle time or classroom activities.

Classroom Graphing Activity for Kindergarten Math #kindergartenmath #measurement

Class Poll & Graph Block Towers

There are 4 different classroom polls in this set. Give each of the children a block and then let them take turns voting for their favorites. Watch the graph change as the towers grow. So fun!!

Blow and Compare Measurement Game for Kindergarten Math. #kindergartenmath #measurement

Blow & Measure Pom Pom Game

You are looking at what may be our favorite activity of the set!! The kids LOVED blowing their pom poms and trying to hit the center. Measuring the distance from the center was great practice as well.

Weigh Station - Measurement Game for Kindergarten #kindergartenmath #measurement

Weight Station Cards

Have you ever made a weigh station? This is a truly hands-on, exciting way to learn about measurement. Your biggest challenge may be trying to get them to stop. 🙂

Shorter or Taller Measurement Activity for Kindergarten math. #kindergartenmath #measurement

Draw It: Taller or Shorter

Add a little bit of art to your measurement work. My kiddos always love using dry erase markers, and this is the perfect opportunity.

Order by Size - Measurement Game for Kindergarten. #kindergartenmath #measurement

Planting by Size Flowers Activity

I’m not sure if the kids had more fun making the flowers or planting them in the playdough. Either way, it was great sorting by size practice.

Non Standard Measurement Activities for Kindergarten Math #kindergartenmath #measurement

Non-Standard Rulers Measurement

Here is some more non-standard measurement practice for your students. We love these accordion fold style rulers because they are whimsical and fun. Children will need help folding and cutting these out.

Kindergarten Graphing Worksheets

We teach graphing as part of measurement in kindergarten. Here are a few fun options for practicing graphing either alone or in small groups.

Kindergarten Graphing activity - Math ideas for kids. #kindergartenmath #measurement #graphing #graphingworksheets

Sort and Graph Shapes

Use this page to sort buttons by color or by shape.

Lego Graphing Worksheets for Kindergarten Math - Data and Measurement #kindergartenmath #measurement #legoworksheets #graphing #graphingworksheets

Sort and Graph Legos

What colors are your Legos? Are there more of one color than another? Find out when you graph them.

Fun Graphing Worksheets for Kindergarten - Measurement and Data #kindergartenmath #measurement #graphing #graphingworksheets

Sort and Graph Cereal Colors

Use this as a snacktivity. What are the colors in your ziplock bag of cereal.

Measurement Worksheets and Activities for Kindergarten


In addition to the hands-on math centers above, we also created 15 fun kindergarten measurement worksheets for you. These worksheets include coloring, cut and paste, sorting by size, and measurement.

Measurement and Sorting Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to give kids lots of different ways of looking at measurement. They’ll work on sorting, do critical thinking to estimate which item is heavier, and sort by size.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Measurement and Data Sorting Inside or Outside #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets for Math. Monsters Order by size. #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Sort and Clasify Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten Math #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Sorting and Data worksheets #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Measurement - Comparing Weight Kindergarten Math Worksheets #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Sort by Size Cut and Paste Kindergarten Math Worksheets #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets

Non-Standard Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten

Non-standard measurement helps kids start to learn the concept of measuring larger items by units of another smaller item. It’s what we teach before kids are ready to start using the standard or metric system.

Cookie Monster Measurement - Kindergarten Math Worksheets for Spring #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Ice Cream Measurement #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten Math - Under the Sea Ruler #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten - Party Time Non-Standard Measurement #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets - The Big Balloon Race Non Standard Measurement #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Kindergarten Measurement Worksheets - Fun Math ideas! #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets

Graphing and Measurement Worksheets

Here are more options for kids to work on their graphing, estimating and comparing weight, and comparing length.

Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Measurement and Graphing with Monsters. #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Size and Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten Math. #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Fun Classroom Measurement Worksheets for Kindergarten math. #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets
Train Track Measurement and Comparing Data - Kindergarten Math Worksheets #kindergartenmath #measurement #mathworksheets #kindergartenworksheets #measurementworksheets

Grab ALL of these amazing kindergarten measurement worksheets and activities for your next kindergarten math unit today and have your best math centers yet.

More Kindergarten Math Centers and Worksheets You’ll Love

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