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Pirate Activities for Preschool

Pirate Activities for preschool

Hold onto your captain hats and your toy jewels because it is time for some swashbuckling play with these adorable pirate activities for preschool.

This Set is PACKED with all kinds of pirate-themed learning fun. Kids will get to use their hands and play while working on counting, letters, patterns, and shapes.

There are so many amazing ideas to fill your centers with happy, exciting learning.

Pirate Activities for Preschool

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Pirate Activities for Preschool

The pirates theme is one of our favorite themes to do in the summer. The story telling and pretend play that natrually fit into the activities are not only good for the imagination, but also for developing social emotional skills.

Pirate Math Activities

Math and pirates may not seem like a natrual match, but someone has to count the loot and follow the shapes maps. Check out these fun preschool pirate activities below.

Counting Activities for Preschool Pirates Theme

Pirate Treasure Counting

Count jewels and coins into the treasure chests for a fun, hands-on counting activity.

Pirate Theme Printables for Preschool

Shape Maps

Sort shape buttons or foam stickers onto the matching maps or form the map shapes with playdough.

Pirates Activities for Preschool - Counting Task Cards

Count and Clip Pirate Ship

Count the ships on each card. Clip a clothespin onto the correct number.

Preschool Pirate Coin Activities - Pirate Printables for Preschool

Count and Stack Loot

Try out this very visual counting activity where kids get to stack the correct number of coins on each number and easily see which ones are more and less.

Pirate Printables for Preschool - Subitizing Math Activity

Preschool Subitizing Activity

This fun game is great for working on subitizing and number sense.

Pirate Math Activities for Preschool - Roll, Count and Cover

Roll and Cover Counting Coins

What pirate doesn’t like to play with dice? Use there here for some counting practice and number sense.

Pirate Activities for Preschool

Literacy Activities for a Preschool Pirate Theme

Pirate themes are a dream pairing with your sensory table. It’s the perfect time for sand or water play mixed with lots of great learning. Check out these ideas for your literacy centers.

Pirate Activities for Preschool - Jewel Sight Words

Jewel Dig Sight Words

Bury letters and gems in a sensory bin with sand or other sensory material. Use shovels to dig up the buried letters and form the sight words.

Alphabet Activities for Preschool - Pirate Alphabet Dig

Pirate Alphabet Dig

Get some sensory fun while hunting for buried letters. We used sand in our sensory bin and beach tools would be a fun addition.

Alphabet Activities for Preschool Pirates Theme

Gem Dot Alphabet

Form the letters with mini buttons, pom poms, or even q-tip painting.

Preschool Activities Alphabet Hunt for a Pirates Theme

Cannon Ball Alphabet

Play this one with black playdough balls and smash the cannonballs or add tongs and pom-poms for some grip strength practice.

Pirate Bingo Game - Preschool Pirate Theme

Alphabet Treasure Bingo

Play alphabet bingo with these pirate treasure themed cards. Use gems, rings, or pirate coins as bingo markers for some extra fun.

Color Sorting Game Pirates Theme for Preschool

Gem Color Hunt

Sort colors with these fun gem color hunt pages. Cover the correct gems or place an X on each one you find.

More Pirate Printables for Preschool

Keep the pirate learning party going with these additional preschool skill activities. We’re tracing maps, making jewel patterns, and so much more.

Pirate Activities for Preschool - Gem Color Patterns

Gem Color Patterns

Copy and create fun color patterns with these Gem Pattern cards. Use plastic gems or pom poms.

Pirate Printables Preschool Activities Tracing

Pirate Map Tracing

Help the pirates find the buried treasure. Trace the lines using a dry erase marker or little manipulatives like black beans.

Preschool Activity Sorting by Size for a Pirates Theme

Cannon Ball Sort

For kids that are starting to write, this is an amazing writing center. They can trace their sight words and then try writing it on their own.Sort by size with this cannonball themed activity. We use pom poms in various sizes for our sort, but you could also use buttons or playdough balls.

Pirate Printables - Fine Motor Hole Punch Activity for Preschool

Cannon Blast Patterns

Work on grip strength and fine motor skills with this fun activity. Punch out the patterns on each card.

Pirate Activities for Preschool

Preschool Pirate Worksheets

In addition to the hands-on math centers above, we also created 15 fun preschool pirate worksheets for you. These worksheets include tracing, cut and paste, sorting, and more.

Pirate Printables – Math

These printable pirate math worksheets are designed to help kids work on skills like counting, number order, and even measurement.

Pirate Math Worksheets for Preschool
Measurement Worksheets for Preschool Pirate Theme
Pirate Worksheets for Preschool Math
Preschool Measurement Worksheets for a Pirate Theme
Counting Worksheets for preschool pirate theme
Counting Worksheets for Preschool Pirate Theme

Preschool Pirate Worksheets – Literacy

Keep the pirate fun and learning going with these literacy and worksheets.

Alphabet Worksheets for Preschool Pirates Theme
Pirate Worksheets for Preschool Beginning Sounds
Pirate Worksheets for Preschool - Beginning Sound Worksheets

More Pirate Printable Worksheets

Here are a few more examples of how to mix pirates and learning the best possible way. Kids can work on tracing, letter sorting, patterns, shapes, and colors with these pirate printables.

Alphabet Worksheets for a Preschool Pirate Theme
Patterns Worksheets for Preschool Pirates Theme
Preschool Tracing Worksheets - Pirate Theme Preschool Worksheets
Pirate Theme Worksheets for Preschool Shapes
Preschool Colors Worksheets for Pirate Theme

Grab ALL of these amazing pirate activities for preschool for your next pirate theme and have your best week yet.

More Preschool Pirate Printables You’ll Love

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