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Introducing the Raising Healthy Kid Brains Podcast!


Let’s Play a Game!!

Hey friend. Our podcast is just a brand-new baby and that means it’s harder to find than your toddler’s lost shoe when you’re in a rush in the morning.

We need your help to make it findable for other moms and teachers looking for great new podcasts to listen to.

Now, you know us. We’re all about play and we have to make it fun, so here’s the plan.

We’ve made you a super awesome surprise. Yay!!

It comes in 8 unlockable parts (check it out below to see where we are!).

We’ve set some easy goals and a few push goals for engagement on the new podcast.

Each time we hit a goal, we’ll unlock the next portion of your surprise.

It’s FREE. It’s super adorable. It’s fun, and you’re going to want this one.

First, check to see what levels are unlocked and grab your freebies.

Then, help us unlock the next part of the surprise.


Here’s how to help unlock the next level.

  1. Follow the Podcast
  2. Listen to an episode or 3 (we keep them short so it’s totally doable)
  3. Rate and Review the Podcast
  4. Share it with a mom or teacher friend so they can do it too and get the fun free surprise as well
Happy listening, and let’s DO this!

Listen to the first episodes:

  1. How Questions Build Healthy Kid Brains: Why is asking questions healthy and contagious?
  2. Five Tips For Supporting Your Child’s Big Emotions: Why does fixing behavioral responses to big emotions work at the moment but not long-term?
  3. The Neuroscience of Creativity with Dr. Julie Fratantoni: How do you encourage your children to embrace creativity?

Here’s what you should do right now to sign up for your weekly fun and educational discussions from Raising Healthy Kid Brains:

1. Follow in Apple Podcasts

  • To follow in Apple Podcasts, visit the Raising Healthy Kid Brains podcast page and click on the “Listen on Apple Podcasts” button. (Note: If you’re on a PC or Android, you can download the iTunes app and leave a review there!)
  • This will launch Apple Podcasts and bring up the podcast.
  • Click on the “+” sign to follow and you’re all set!
  • You can also listen to the podcast via SpotifyStitcher Radio, or wherever you get your podcasts but Apple Podcasts is where we’ll be checking for our milestones so make sure you set yourself up an Apple ID or get your Apple friends onboard.

2. Review the Podcast and Click on the Lock Above 

Click on the open lock above to join in and help everyone unlock the rest of the fun for you and your kiddo!

3. Leave a 5-Star Rating and Review

I want you to be honest, tell me what you think, and how I can make the podcast even more helpful (make sure you hit “Send!”) so we can unlock all of the locks above!

51 Responses

  1. I am a grandma who provides care for 3 littles, ages 3,2,1 and enjoyed the first episode which was an encouragement because it helped me see that the way I answer their questions is helping them to grow.

  2. This is terrific. I love that I have a simple solution to share with my families about their child’s development and help them to grow at home. I love this.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s nice to have some more “tools” in my “tool belt”. Not all kids are the same, so having something different that will work helping that one child, is AWESOME!

  4. Thanks so much for evaluating what information was missing in the podcast community. I wish you much success!

  5. Thank You!! Just the extra I am looking for to develop the positive language rich environment I am trying to create in our Preschool classes!!

  6. Thank you for your tips! You got me thinking how I can get my kids to think more on topics and share their answers . Love it!

  7. Hi! Do these podcasts provide a certificate of completion? I’d love for my team to watch and be able to receive PD points.

    1. Hi!

      Not at this time, but that is a great idea we will explore.
      We’ll send out a message if we are able to set that up.

  8. The podcast with Bree Nelson is my favorite so far. It is such a simple concept but it blew me away! Great suggestions on how to help kids and adults process thoughts and feelings!

  9. This podcast is a blessing for all the parents and educators is pack with great information and it’s short and sweet, I just want to say a big thanks for showing your great love by sharing this amazing information with us.

  10. So many great ideas and resource packed into 30 minutes, helping kids and parents manage emotions.

    1. YES! Sometimes, the quick, gentle reminder for all of us is all we need. Glad you enjoyed the episode.

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