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5 Adorable Preschool Name Crafts

5 Preschool Name Crafts for Kids option 2Writing your own name is such a rite of passage from being a toddler to a kid. My son has recently learned to write his name, and he is writing it all over the house. With that in mind, I decided to help him create some fun preschool name crafts.

These name crafts are great for a preschool classroom, but they could also be used in kindergarten or at home with your younger kids. They teach shape recognition, name writing, cutting, gluing, and creating objects. They could be used as a back to school activity or in units throughout the year.

So here is a look at our favorite preschool name crafts:

Train Name CraftName train craft for preschool, and other cute name crafts.

My little guy is a train fanatic, so this one was particularly fun for him. It would be great as an activity during a rectangle unit, but could be used anytime.

Rocket Name CraftRocket Name craft for preschool, and other cute name crafts.

He was so excited about this one. There is just something about rockets that inspire the imagination. He loved adding the fire triangles to the bottom. This project would work really well in a unit on squares.

Flowers Name CraftFlowers name craft for preschool, and other cute name crafts.

This one reminded me of spring, but it could be used any time. You could use a variety of flower shapes and colors so the children can personalize it to their own taste. The girls in particularly will love this one.

Plane Name CraftAirplane Name Craft activity for preschool, and other cute name crafts.

This was a fun one too. I loved the idea of cutting different colors of wings and plane bodies so the children could mix and match them for their own unique look. Then you can adjust the window sizes to fit as many letters as you need to.

School Bus Name CraftSchool Bus Name Craft for preschool, and other cute name crafts.

This would be great as a back to school activity, but could be used during a transportation unit or anytime throughout the year.

We had so much fun making these projects, and we hope you enjoy them as well. Do you have a favorite name craft? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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