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Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

 Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

It’s been a long winter here in Utah, and we’re more than ready for spring. Whether hanging high from the porch rafters, or flying through the air on your child’s wrist, this Rainbow Windsock craft for kids is guaranteed to bring sunshine to any day. It’s bright and colorful and a delightful project for kids of any age.

Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids with Ribbon

Use what ribbon scraps you have, varying the widths and even patterns if you’d like. For a windsock with different colored ribbons, we mixed up a variety of 5/8” and 7/8” grosgrain.  I found rainbow-striped ribbon at my local craft store, so we decided to try that option too. We love them both.

Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids Supplies



  • Blue paper cups
  • 3/8” white ribbon
  • Ribbon scraps in rainbow colors—red, orange, yellow, blue, green and purple or rainbow- striped ribbon.
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil or piercing tool

Punch six holes equally spaced at the rim of a blue paper cup. The opening to my cup was 9”, so I punched a hole about every 1½”.

Pierce a hole in the bottom center of the cup, using a paper piercing tool or pencil tip. Fold a 16” piece of 3/8” ribbon in half, and tie a knot at the cut ends. Knot it loosely, so it won’t slip through the hole. Thread the ribbon loop through the hole in the bottom of the cup to hang your windsock.

Fun Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

Cut six strips of colored ribbon about 24” long each. Tie a loose knot at one end and thread one through each hole from the inside of the cup.


DIY Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids


Add some puffy cotton ball clouds with hot glue.


Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids with Cotton Balls

Our Rainbow Windsocks are hanging right outside the front door, to remind us that spring is on it’s way.

Cute Rainbow Windsock Craft for Kids

This rainbow windsock craft for kids would make a fun preschool or kindergarten class craft. It would also be fun to make at home and hang in a window or in a kid’s room. However you choose to use it, we hope you have fun!

Happy Spring and Rainbows!

Kim McCrary is the creative mom and grandma behind All Things Simple. You can find her blogging there or hanging out on Pinterest at OneSimpleHome.

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