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Unicorn Activities for Preschoolers

Unicorn Activities for Preschoolers - Math and Literacy Morning Tubs

Unicorn Activities is a magical theme that preschoolers always love. Additionally, morning tubs are filled with enchanting hands-on learning experiences, perfect for kiddos as they arrive and settle in for the day. Also, Unicorn Math and Literacy Centers add a touch of whimsy and are fantastic for several reasons.

  1. Socialization: The activities provides opportunities for children to engage in collaborative learning through small groups, they can share materials, tackle challenges together, begin conversations, play, and learn with their tablemates. These activities foster teamwork and communication skills.
  2. Creativity and Play: Both are something we can build and increase by spending time working on it. Math and Literacy Centers are a perfect way to introduce a little more play and freedom into learning rather than traditional worksheets or morning work that kept kids busy but did not encourage creativity and play.
Unicorn Math and Literacy Centers - Preschool Morning Tubs and Activities

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.

Unicorn Preschool Activities

Unicorn Theme Preschool Activities - Pattern Activities Preschool

Unicorn Bridge Patterns

Complete the pattern shown on the card. You can also encourage preschoolers to copy the pattern by placing their linking cubes in the same sequence. They can work individually or in small groups, helping each other if needed.

Graphing Activities Preschool - Unicorn Activities for Kids

Hide & Seek Unicorn Graphing

Next, let’s engage in a counting activity by counting the quantity of each item and fill in the graph based on our findings.

Encourage preschoolers to count aloud as they tally up the quantities for each.

10 Frame Counting Mats - Preschool Unicorn Activities

Unicorn Juggler 10 Frame

Continue counting practice as you place a star or a manipulative item (such as a counter or a sticker) in each box of the 10 frame, matching the number of stars on the page. When you count the exact number, you are also working on one to one correspondence.

Alphabet Activities Preschool - Unicorn Literacy Activities

Unicorn Horn Alphabet Trace

Let’s use a hands-on activity to practice to practice letter recognition. We will make each target letter using playdough or trace them with a dry erase marker, and then cover each letter with a small manipulative.

Beginning Sounds Activities Preschool - Unicorn Literacy Activities Preschool

Beginning Sound Unicorn

Another great learning opportunity while promoting phonemic awareness and letter sound recognition, while making the learning experience enjoyable and interactive.

Unicorn Math Activities Preschool - Pattern Games for Preschoolers

Unicorn Patterns

First, look at the pattern sequence and encourage children to carefully analyze what comes next in the sequence. Mark the correct box. This activity helps promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

More Unicorn Fun and Crafts for Kids!

Emotion Games for Kids - Unicorn Preschool Activities

Unicorn Emotions Game

During this emotion recognition activity, children will identify the correct target emotion from the options on the card and aim to connect three emotions in a row.

Tracing Worksheets Preschool - Unicorn Activities for Kids

Unicorn Cloud Tracing

Use markers or dry erase markers to trace each cloud shape, additionally while working on fine motor skills.

Sight Word Activities Preschool - Unicorn Theme Preschool Activity

Unicorn Library Sight Words

In this activity, children will practice recognizing and matching target sight words. Next, say the word aloud and search for its match on each card, then mark the matching words accordingly.

Unicorn Crafts for Kids - Unicorn Crafts for Preschoolers

Unicorn Craft

Different from the other activities, this craft is so much fun! Create the perfect Unicorn headband by coloring and decorating with stickers, stamps, or paint. Staple or glue the strips for your head piece.

Unicorn Math and Literacy Centers - Preschool Morning Tubs and Activities

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