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Valentine’s Day Math Activity for Kids – Comparing Numbers

Comparing Numbers Valentine's Day Math ActivityCandy hearts are filling the store shelves, and it is time for a Valentine’s Day math activity for kids. This activity is all all about adding and comparing numbers. It’s colorful, interactive, and fun, and the kids will love it.

For this activity we are turning candy hearts into greater than or less than symbols. The shape works beautifully, and what kid doesn’t like to play with candy hearts? You don’t need dominoes for this math activity, but it allowed us to do a bit of addition as well.

Kindergarten or First Grade Math Activity

Valentine's Day Math Activity for kids - Comparing Numbers

Give your children a stack of dominoes and a bag of candy hearts. Have them create two lines with the dominoes, with a bit of space in between.

Next, count the number of dots on each side of the domino. Add them together. When you’ve done this for the two dominoes across from each other, compare the numbers. Use the candy hearts to show which one is greater than and which one is less than.

Comparing Numbers Math Activity for Valentine's Day

But what if both sides are equal? We don’t have a heart for that. If both sides are equal, the kids get to eat the heart for that set. Alternately, you could have them draw an equal sign, or leave the spot blank.

This activity is great for kindergarten and first grade. My second grader heartily enjoyed it as well. It covers counting, addition, and comparing numbers all in one delicious, colorful activity. You find that it covers several common core requirements as well.

If you don’t want to use dominoes, dice would be a great alternate. The children could roll 2 or 3 dice, add them together, and then do it again for the other side. This could cover 3 addend addition practice for those first graders.

Preschool Valentine’s Day Math Activity

Preschool Math Activity for Valentine's Day - Count and Compare Numbers.

For a fun preschool Valentine’s day math activity, have them roll 1 dice for side one, and 1 dice for side too. They can count the dots and pick the dice with more.

Thank you for checking out our Valentine’s Day Math Activity for kids. Have fun comparing numbers, and eating candy hearts. 😉

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