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Preschool Summer Packet




10 WEEKS of ADORABLE Summer Preschool Play Ideas and Practice Pages


This amazing product includes 2 parts:



These play ideas are designed to take just 5-10 minutes and are so easy to do that you can fit them in with something you’re already doing. You’re at the park? Here’s a 5 minute alphabet activity. You’re playing with bubbles? Here’s a fun math game to do while you pop them.


This is a no-brainer, easy way to play and explore together while working on:

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Science &
  • Fine Motor Skills



Your kiddos have been busy working on their fine motor skills, tracing, scissor skills, gluing, and more. These pages give them just a few minutes of easy practice each day to keep up those skills over the summer.


Each week is themed to make your summer of preschool play even more fun. Here are the themes you’ll get to do together.


     Park                               Pirates

     Bubbles                        Ice Cream

     Circus                            Zoo

     Picnic                             Ocean

     Camping                       Pool


Teachers: Arm parents with an AMAZING, simple tool to keep their kiddos playing and working on their preschool skills this summer. Buy it once and print one send-home summer packet with every student in your class.


Parents: Don’t let your kiddo’s hard earned preschool skills slip over the summer. That 3 month break is a long time for their brains to remember what they’ve learned if they don’t keep up with at least a few minutes of practice throughout the week.



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