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Tired of Feeling Overwhelmed?


Ditch the stress while making learning ridiculously fun for your kiddos.

  • Short on Time? Are you burned out from spending countless hours clicking back and forth between Pinterest, TPT, and the ENTIRE world wide web hunting down the best educational activities and ideas? That’s not your life anymore. Take your time back. We’ve got you covered with more ideas than you’ll need. Pick, choose, and differentiate to fit your unique, awesome kiddos.
  • Want to be More Organized? Do you find yourself finding an idea here, another idea there, and suddenly your “Would-be” preschool curriculum is spread out all over the internet and your house? What if you could get the BEST preschool activities and printables out there all in one easy place and even organized by weekly preschool themes? Amazing, right? That’s the stuff of dreams right there, and we’ve got it for you.
  • Need Creative, fun Ideas to Keep Your Kiddos Engaged? Friend, you’ve hit the jackpot! Making learning ridiculously fun is our THING! For the past 5 years we’ve been bringing play and fun back to the classroom for hundreds of millions of kids around the world. Come hang out with us and see why millions of parents and teachers around the world use and share our ideas with their friends.

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I only downloaded your program the other day but I have told several other moms about it.

You created an incredible platform. This is truly 5 stars. I have co-founded startups that have gone public and now am a business coach & consultant to people provides product based online services like this. This is one of the most organized, well executed platforms I have seen. Videos are brief yet informative.

The curriculum is great, ideas and activities are exciting.

Just wow wow girl. Nicely done!!

Aces all the way.

Thanks again!



I’ve been a public school educator for 15 years. Then I had the opportunity to be a stay-at-home educator, so I jumped on it. I was spending 10-12 hours a week, researching themes, ordering library books, shopping for materials, and prepping hands-on activities for my kiddos. After a year and a half, I stumbled upon Planning Playtime. It has cut my prep time down 75%.



I am SO glad I stumbled upon your site today! I just found out yesterday my daughter’s school (she
Just turned 4) will be closed for at least the Fall and I was feeling really defeated. After months of no structure and my daughter seeming bored and me feeling very uncreative, I am so happy to have something outlined very simply that we can do each day! She will love these activities and I will love not having to come up with something every day! It must have taken you FOREVER to put this all together but I am so grateful!!

I can’t wait to get started with her! THANK YOU!


Hey there! I’m Amy.

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Amy Nielson, Founder of Planning Playtime. My mission is to make sure that NO child has to cry over learning ever again. I take that big, scary list of ALL the things kids have to learn and turn them into games and play so kids are excited and look forward to school time.

One of the BEST ways to make school better for kids is to make life easier on their teachers and mamas. My team and I put countless hours into making amazing resources and lesson plans for you so you can focus on doing what you do best, being present for and engaging with your kiddos.