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10 Spring Mushroom Crafts for Kids

10 Spring Mushroom Crafts for KidsSpring is right around the corner. We are more than ready here and mushrooms are one of the first signs spring is on it’s way! These mushroom crafts for kids are perfect for rainy days, spring art projects, and a great way to explore all things mushroom! I love how so many of these projects use recycled materials and a little bit of paint.

With mushrooms on the mind, I thought I would create a really beautiful list of mushroom crafts you can make with your kids. Pull out the recycle bin and paint box and have fun creating.

Here is your list of mushroom crafts for kids.

10 Spring Mushroom Crafts for kids. So Cute!

Mushroom Crafts for Kids

  1. DIY Mushroom Glitter Globe – Making a mushroom snow globe is a simple project for your little ones create! Use different colors glitter for different effects. I like the silver for the shimmer! This is a great craft to keep on your shelves for a calm down bottle too.
  2. Cork Mushrooms – Recycle old corks into cute mushrooms! All it takes is a little bit of paint and some googly eyes. Make a complete set for a great pretend play mushroom family.
  3. Cupcake Liner Mushrooms – Create this beautiful mushroom craft for your art wall! Using cupcake liners and popsicle scoops, your child can easily create their own crafted mushroom farm.
  4. Mushroom House – Recycle old cardboard to make a mushroom house. This is a simple paint and color project perfect for your preschoolers. Add in a couple mini people and your child will have their own pretend play house!
  5. Egg Carton Mushrooms – We have so many leftover egg carton! This mushroom craft is perfect for turning our egg carton stash into fun mushroom puppets.10 Spring Mushroom Crafts for kids.
  6. Paper Bowl Mushroom Spring Craft – Your kids are going to love this one! I love how easy it is to customize these mushrooms and the little prep time it takes to put these together. It’s the perfect rainy day craft!
  7. Magical Clay Toadstools – Have you tried making a fairy garden with your kids? Give it a try this year! Adding these DIY clay toadstools is an awesome way add details that really makes a fairy garden fun and magical!
  8. Acorn Toadstools – We have a ton of acorns here. I’m always looking for new crafts that feature acorns! I’m excited to add this acorn toadstool craft to our list of mushroom crafts for kids. All you need are a couple natural materials and a little bit of paint!
  9. Making a DIY Little Woodland Scene – This will get your creative juices flowing. Use your recycle bin to create a set of little mushrooms out of the materials you have on hand. This mushroom craft is simple and unique while giving you a beautiful pretend play woodland scene!
  10. Paper Plate Mushrooms – Simple and beautiful! Set up this mushroom craft in a pinch if you happen to find yourself with a little extra time this spring!

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