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1st Grade December Math and Literacy Worksheets

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1st Grade December Math and Literacy worksheets. December subtraction, winter addition, skip counting, grammar, punctuation, writing, and more. #1st #grade #math #ela

Here’s a look at my latest project, 1st Grade Math and Literacy Winter Worksheets! I’m still stuck on the couch with this hateful foot injury, so while I’m sitting around like a useless lump, I’m busy creating printables for my kids and my store. It’s not all bad I guess. 🙂

This set is winter themed, and I had so much fun making it. The printables are covered in penguins, snowmen, ice skates, and snowball fights. I’m tempted to print and complete a few of them by myself just for fun, although I will totally pretend like it is for my kids.



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1st Grade December Math and Literacy worksheets. Winter Subtraction and addition, December skip counting, money, puctuation, writing organizers, grammar and more. #math #ela #writing #prompts #1st #grade

This set is perfect for a 1st grade teacher to use in a classroom. They would also be great to add to a homeschool curriculum. The activities in here cover a variety of math, grammar, and writing topics.  As usual, I have a special FREEBIE for you, and today it is 3 free worksheets.  Before we get to that, let me show you what’s in the full set:

December First Grade Worksheets


Printables included in this packet are:

*Winter Addition – Count the items and write and equation.

*Winter Subtraction – Count the items and write and equation.

*Winter Subtraction II – Fill in the missing subtrahend or difference.

1st Grade December subtraction worksheet. Fill in the missing part of the equation. More great December worksheets in this set. 1st Grade December addition worksheet. Count the items and complete the equation. Lots of other great winter worksheets in this set.

*Match the Skates – Double digit subtraction (no regrouping).

*Roll and Color Addition – 3 Addends

*Snowball Fight – Greater Than/Less Than

1st grade December Skating with Double digit subtraction worksheet. Draw a line from each skate to it's answer match. 1st Grade Roll and Color winter addition worksheet using 3 addends. Roll three dice, add them together, and color the correct winter mitten.

*Snowman Odd or Even

*Count by 5’s – Penguins

*Who Can Buy It

1st Grade Odd or Even Snowman worksheet. Help each snowman decide if they are odd or even and then color that circle. 1st Grade December Count by 5s Penguins math worksheet. Fill in the missing number and color the penguins.

*Measure it – Winter items

*10 More, 10 Less and 1 More, 1 Less Math Puzzles

*Winter Addition Story Problems – Draw a picture and write the equation.

1st Grade December 10 more, 10 less and 1 more, 1 less puzzle math worksheet. Count by 1's across and 10's down to fill in the blanks. 1st Grade December Addition word problems worksheet. Draw a picture, write the equation, and solve.

Monthly First Grade Worksheets

More December First Grade Worksheets


*How Many Gifts? – Subtraction Story problem w/ number line, draw a picture, and write the equation.

*How Many Snowballs? – Subtraction Story problem w/ number line, draw a picture, and write the equation.

* Make it True – Finish the equation

.1st Grade How many Snowballs Subtraction word problem December math worksheet. December 1st Grade Worksheet - Make it true finish the equation with addition and subtraction.

* Snowball Fight with Beginning Blends

*Decorate a Tree – Long and Short Vowel Sounds

*Nouns and Verbs – Winter Theme

1st Grade December worksheet - Nouns and Verbs. Draw a circle around the nouns and a rectangle around the verbs. 1st Grade December worksheets - Beginning blends snowball fight. Help the children aim their snowballs. Draw a line from each snowball to the kid with a matching blend.

*Line them Up – Alphabetical Order

*Snowman Hats – Digraph Matching

*Winter Punctuation

1st Grade December Worksheet for ELA - Alphabetical order. List the winter words in alphabetical order. 1st Grade December Digraph Worksheet - Snowman hats match. Draw a line from each hat to the snowman with the matching digraph.

*My Opinion About Snow – Opinion Writing Organizer Worksheet

*My Favorite Gift – Informative Writing Organizer Worksheet

*How to Build a Snowman – First, Next, Then, Last

*If I Could Have Anything for Christmas… – Writing Prompt

1st Grade December Writing worksheet - How to build a Snowman Writing organizer. 1st Grade December writing worksheet - My opinion about snow writing organizer. Start with your opinion. Support it with 3 reasons. Then write a conclusion sentence. 1st Grade December writing worksheet - My Favorite Gift Informative Writing organizer. Write about the best gift you ever received. How did you get it? What is it like? How do you use it? Add a conclusion sentence.


I hope you find these as fun and educational as I do. My kids can’t wait to try them out. To purchase them, CLICK HERE. Now, as promised, I have a special FREEBIE for you. This is a set of three worksheets from the December bundle. I hope you enjoy them, and please help me out by taking a minute to leave feedback and/or pinning a couple of these worksheets for your friends to find. Many thanks, and Happy Holidays!!

FREE 1st grade December worksheets - math and literacy. Download and print today.

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