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1st Grade Math and Literacy Worksheets for February

We’re in the middle of Science Fair and book report season, but I squeezed in a few hours to finish this set of 1st Grade Math and Literacy worksheets for February. I’ve had so much fun with the February sets. I love the shapes and colors of Valentine’s Day. There’s a bit of brightness after the long winter, and you feel like a bit of spring is in the air.

The printables are all created to be an easy, no prep, addition to your lessons. Most of these worksheets fit in with a Valentine’s Day theme, but there is also a winter theme and even a bit of President’s Day going on as well. These worksheets are aligned with 1st Grade CCSS, and are great for morning work, math and literacy centers, independent work, and homework. Children will practice addition, subtraction, telling time, place value, word problems, parts of speech, digraphs, shades of meaning, punctuation, writing, and much more.

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As always, I’ll give you a quick preview of the set so you can see all of the fun 25 worksheets inside.

1st Grade Math Worksheets for February

To help kids practice math skills during this busy month of school we cover a variety of concepts in these adorable February themed worksheets.

  • Solve for a Secret Message – Addition & Subtraction
  • 10 More/Less, 1 More/Less Cupcakes Worksheet
  • Tens and Ones – Place Value
  • Busy Bee – Missing Numbers Subtraction
  • True or False Equations – Cut and Paste
  • Winter Time – Clocks
  • Roll, Add, and Color Penguin Friends – 3 Addend Addition
  • Roll, Write, and Compare – Place Values
  • Lots of Love Addition
  • Commutative Property of Addition – Valentine’s Mailboxes Cut and Paste
  • Winter Word Problems
  • A Bit of Chocolate multiples of 10 subtraction – Under 90

1st Grade Literacy Worksheets for February

Literacy is another critical skill kids have been working and we want to continue in February. We cover several parts of literacy in these 1st Grade February themed worksheets like those below.

  • Valentine’s Theme – Color by Verb Tenses
  • Oh So Sweet Cupcake Conjunctions
  • Shades of Meaning Sort
  • Find and Graph – Parts of Speech: Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives
  • Looking for Root Words – Coloring worksheet
  • Could it be a Silent E?
  • My Opinion About Valentines Day – Opinion Writing Organizer
  • Common, Proper, Possessive Noun Sort – Cut and Paste
  •  Plural and Singular Nouns – Cut and Paste
  • Valentine’s Day Message – Punctuation Fix it Worksheet.
  • Color by Digraphs Family Tree
  • A Bit of Chocolate multiples of 10 subtraction – Under 90
  • How to Ride a Bike – Informative Writing Organizer
  • If I Were President – Narrative Writing Organizer (President’s Day)

I hope you love these fun printables. I can wait to use the Silent E page as well as the How to Ride a Bike and If I Were President writing prompts. I love them all, but those are a few of my favorites. I would love to hear what your favorites are, and if there is something you would like to see more of. Just leave me a comment below.

Happy February!


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