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7 Tips for Growing Your Pinterest Followers

7 Tips for Growing Your Pinterest FollowersPinterest is an amazing tool for bloggers.  I’ve watched the platform launch entire businesses, but it can also be the main source of unique viewers for your blog.  So how do you make the most of your pinterest account?  How do you get those followers and repins that will grow your blog?

To answer those questions, I interviewed Michelle McKinley from Crafty Morning.  Michelle managed to grow her Pinterest following dramatically over the past year, and now she is sharing her tips for success.  Here are her responses to questions posed by the Creative Blogger’s Network:

Interview With Michelle

Hi there! I’m Michelle from and i’ve been blogging for 2 years. Looking at my stats, I had 1,800 Pinterest followers in January 2014 and today (March 2015) I have 51,969! There really is no specific secret to growing your following but there are many ways to help you!

What is the best strategy to grow your followers?

  1. Hands down, the best way to grow your followers is to have top notch photos. Whether you get a nice DSLR camera or learn how to edit in photoshop/picmonkey, it is ESSENTIAL in growing your blog and Pinterest! Not one photo on my website isn’t edited in PicMonkey. I always use the clone, airbrush, exposure, and clarity tool they provide.

Here are some posts that changed my photography forever!

Backdrop Ideas:

Shooting Setup:

Photo Editing:

Composition Tips:

  1. Pin high quality photos, ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I went on binges where I would just go to the “Popular” board and pin 10-15 at a time that fit in my niche. When your Pinterest boards fill up with gorgeous ideas, people will follow them. I never paid for the Pinterest scheduling programs (like ahology, etc.) and never will. Use the Pinterest app on your phone to just pin throughout the day whenever you get a minute or two of free time.
  2. Make a whole Pinterest board just for your blog posts and put it first in your profile. Change each cover board to something eye catching and colorful. First impressions are everything when someone clicks onto your profile…you have 3 seconds to intrigue them to click that follow button!

Is there a good time of day to pin?

I find the best time to post is early morning or in the evening. Between 1-3pm is pretty much horrible for my account, personally! I would just jot down notes for a week on which pins performed the best at which time.

What is the protocol for group boards?

Depending on which group board you are apart of, the rules can vary. Some are very strict (I am apart of one that has warned me twice lol!) so make sure you read the descriptions. I stick to pinning two pins a day per group board but spread them out. Wait a week or two and then you can re-pin the same ones, otherwise people get annoyed. After the Pinterest algorithms changed, a lot of group boards aren’t as powerful anymore. Make sure that the re-pin count is worth your time.

My big “secret:” If your pins from group boards make it to the search (takes about 1-3 weeks) I go into “edit” and move it back to my own boards. So when people are searching and see your pin, the category won’t show “DIY BOARD” it will be your “KIDS CRAFTS” one, for example. It’s just a way to get some traffic back to your account. Hope that makes sense.

How do you find group boards to join?

Check out – you can look through categories, number of followers, likes, etc. If the group board is accepting new members it will be in the group description. The ones that I wanted to join had me email a certain person and follow all their boards. Sometimes the boards are so popular that the owners get tons of emails. Once I tried sending a direct message through Pinterest and it worked! Be genuine – tell them about your website, why you’d make a good fit, and link to your blog board.

Should you redo old pins that aren’t performing well from your blog?

Absolutely! I actually make 2-3 collages/photos that are NOT in my blog posts but just go on Pinterest. To do this you choose “Upload a Pin,” choose your image, write your description and pin it. Then go back in “Edit” and add the URL! Sometimes even adding text, an overlay, or taking text AWAY can make or break your content. Find what works and keep doing it! If you look on Pinterest I have a certain “style” and people tell me all the time they know it’s mine even before looking at the description. I know a lot of food bloggers do it too, one that comes to mind is Damn Delicious with her collages (

Do comments and likes on a pin make it more likely to be seen?

Honestly I don’t think they matter much at all. The only benefit from likes is that it goes to people’s “Likes” section on their profiles so people may happen to stumble upon it.

Do you have tips for making images more pinnable?

This might be a given but vertical images perform best on Pinterest. When your photos are horizontal or square you should make a vertical collage of 2-3 images. When you put your watermark on your photos, PLEASE don’t put it over the actual image, it takes away from the quality. Also try to fade it out a little so it blends more but is still present.

When using text I recommend picking two different styles of fonts. If you search “font pairings” on Pinterest you can find tons of free fonts to download! You can also check out (it’s my favorite thing to do, I call it “font shopping”  hehe!)

Here’s an example of font pairings:

Last but not least, make them bright and clear! There are so many dull and dingy photos on Pinterest that all they need to do is edit the exposure and they could be gems!

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If you learned something from Michelle and appreciate the advice, please make sure you stop by her blog and follow her on social media.  You can find her on:

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  1. Some great tips here. I’ve just made Improving pinterest is my goal for this month (a bit late since we’re nearly half way through the month, but I’ve learned a few things in the last few days) so this has been a great help. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great post! I learned so many great tips. I do have one question for you…when you say you go in and edit pins from group boards how exactly do you do it. I can’t seemed to figure out how to change it. Thanks so much!

  3. Pinterest is one of the best sources of traffic so it make sense to focus on Pinterest marketing. And the more followers you have, reach be more too so these tips for increasing followers are very useful.

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