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All About Me Activities

8 activities for All About Me theme with playdough, little people counters adn magnetic letters.

Do you need All About Me Activities for a preschool or kindergarten theme?

The All About Me preschool theme is often taught at the beginning of the school year. It allows children to introduce themselves to the class and learn about their families, likes and dislikes, and even their phone numbers.

There are so many amazing ideas to fill your preschool centers with happy, exciting learning during your All About Me theme.

All About Me Activities Preschool Cover

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This Set is PACKED with all kinds of All About Me worksheets, posters, printables, and learning fun. Kids will get to use their hands and play while working on counting, letters, patterns, and shapes.

All About Me Math Activities

Using themes in preschool is more than just cute. It’s a way to keep kids engaged and interested using holidays, toys, and ideas they are already interested it to capture attention. These cute math center activities use fun ideas from the kids lives and families to work on some math skills.

All About me printables - Colorful houses with a number and counted little people on it.

At Home Counting Mats

Add the correct amount of manipulatives to the various houses.

Birthday cake printable with counting number and candles to count on cake.

Preschool Activity Binder – Birthday

How old are you?  Put the correct number on the blank line and then add the candles to the cake to match the number

Interactive Binder page with phones and number squares.

My Phone Number Activity

Practice learning your phone number.  Add the correct number to the boxes and then practice dialing the phone number on the phones.

All About Me cards with numbers to count fingerprint stamps.

Fingerprint Counting Cards

Mark the correct amount of fingerprints on each card.

All About Me Activities Preschool Cover

All About Me Theme Color and Shape Activities

Sorting and patterns are skills that help set preschoolers up for future succes in math and science. Patterns prepare kids for multiplication as well as critical thinking and reasoning they will need for all kinds of sciences. Sorting is another skill that will prepare kids for classifying things by type, somthing they will use in science further on in their education.

All About Me Theme color houses with little people counters sorted by color

Color Sorting Houses

Sort manipulatives by color into their matching colored houses.  See if you can find small items around your house to sort by color into the houses.

Pattern cards with color circles and colorful people counters making the pattrens.

My Family Color Patterns

Use manipulatives to match the color patterns on the color pattern strips.  Try it with small colored items you find around your home.

house printable with colored shapes cut out to fill in the houes spaces.

Build a House with Shapes

Use the shapes to build a house.  See what else you can build using the shapes.

All About Me – Favorites

What are your favorite colors and foods?  Add your favorite colors to the paint palette and draw your favorite foods beneath.

All About Me Posters

Draw a self portrait poster or a picture of your family to show the class and to put in your preschool memory book.

All about Me printable in a binder - Dry erase marker self-portrait

My Family – All About Me Portrait

Draw a picture of your family.  Try to include as many details about each family member as you can.

All About Me Printable in a binder - Self-Portrait drawn with dry erase marker

All About Me Self-Portrait

What color is your hair?  What color of eyes do you have?  Draw a picture of what you look like.

More All About Me Activities for Preschool

Variety is critical when teaching a classroom of young preschoolers. Here are a few more All About Me Preschool printables you can use in your math centers or small groups.

Printables with blank faces - Playdough used to make the faces.

Emotions Playdough Mats

Use Play Doh to create the facial expressions for each different emotion.

Printable with backpacks and sorted letters by in the name or not.

Letters in my Name Sort

Play, sort, and learn Sort the letters in your name in the blue backpack.  Put the letters that are not in your name in the yellow backpack.

Tracing page with a road to school.

How I Get to School Tracing

How do you get to school?  Use each mode of transportation to follow the road to the school.

sorting page with items that go in a backpack.

Sorting Activities – All About Me

What’s in your backpack?  Put all the items you bring to school in the backpack.  Use the velcro strip to store the remaining items.

printable in a binder - keyboard for kids to pretend type name and name spelling squares.

Name Spelling Binder Activity

Practice spelling your name by typing it on the keyboard.  See if you can do it without looking at the keys!

Colorful handprint cards with letters on them.

Alphabet Match Sensory Bin

Match the correct letters to the correct card. Make sure to remember to match the capital letters with the capital cards, and the lower case letters with the lower case cards.

All About Me Activities Preschool Cover


In addition to the hands-on All About Me activities above, we also created 15 fun worksheets for you. These worksheets include tracing, scissor practice, counting, color-by-number, and more.

All About Me Preschool Worksheets

Give your kids a chance to share more about themselves with these About Me pages. These are a great way to learn more about their country and town as well as talk about their family. Place them in your preschool memory book to give parents at the end of the year

Identifying Interests and Forming Opinion Worksheets

Identifying interests helps prepare kids for opinion writing and persuasive essays as they get into elementary school. It’s also a lot of fun and a great way for kids to get to know eachother at the beginning of the year.

More All About Me Worksheets

Variety is huge when you’re working with a classroom full of preschoolers so we’ve included some counting, sorting, and color skill practice in these All About Me worksheets as well.

More Preschool Activities for the First Week of School

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