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Now You Can Easily Preschool
Your Child At Home… with little to NO PLANNING and PREP,
and without SPENDING a fortune.

How to Teach Your Child to be a Top-of-the-Class Reader and Speller without making them cry…
even if you’ve never taught a child to read before.

“I love, love, love this program!  My children are bilingual and do their learning in Spanish so I swap the songs and books for Spanish ones but otherwise follow it verbatim.  In just two weeks my daughter has learned shapes and colors and she’s working on counting and fine motor skills.  She looks forward to “playing” school with me each day and aside from great age-appropriate learning it’s a low prep bonding opportunity for both of us. Even big brother loves getting in on the painting and sensory activities when he’s done with his school work for the day.  Thanks for this amazing tool!”



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Finally started my Preschool Games for Anderson. We tried them out this morning and he loved them! Trying to build up my supply of activities that will keep him engaged and encourage independence. Thanks for the template Planning Playtime-Learning Through Play!


I found you after I quit my Kindergarten teaching job two weeks ago. The risks of daycare or me returning to work were too great for our high-risk family. I have never experienced greater stress in my entire life. It was unmanageable. When I started looking for something to do with my daughter while at home, I needed something that did all the heavy-lifting for me (planning). I didn’t have it in me.

I am SO relieved to have found a resource that gives us so many options and so much fun. My daughter is so much happier and I am doing so much better. Thank you!!!




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