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Apple Worksheets Preschool

Looking for play-based, super fun, grab and go Apple Worksheets for Preschool kiddos?

The Apple Preschool Binder is packed with a variety of preschool skills practice, all while playing with toys, playdough, and common craft supplies

Why are our Monthly Preschool Binders so popular with moms and teachers…

  1. Building Independence: Kids are able to work on their own or in small groups at their table to use their binders. It encourages them to self-start and learn/play on their own.
  2. Easy Prep: Print and slip the pages into sheet protectors. It’s that simple! No cutting and laminating required.
  3. Play-Based: These interactive, hands-on activities are built to engage little minds, use multiple senses, and make learning ridiculously fun.

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Looking for the manipulatives we used with our Apple Worksheets Binder? We’ve collected all the links for you in one easy place, and we may even get a small commission when you buy through these links. It’s a great way to support our blog at no cost to you.


Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.

Apple Binder Activities

Apple Slice Alphabet

Apple Pie Shapes

Can you name the letter the worm has on his apple? Search for upper and lowercase letters that match the target letter and place a pom pom, circle cereal or a plastic apple to cover each letter.

Have you every baked a pie? Now is your chance to make your own shape pie! Use shape buttons and place the correct number of each shape on your pie.

Apple Math
Build An Apple Tree

Time to count the apples! Place the correct number of apples on each tree and count how many are on both trees combined. Show your answer with a magnet number or write the correct number.

What a fun way to build an apple tree! Use craft sticks and pom poms to match the apple colors shown. Try adding tweezers to move the pom poms for added fine motor practice.

Apple Worm Pattern
Apple Shapes

How cute are these worms? Help them create their apple patterns using blocks or pom poms. Try making your own worm patterns too.

Play dough is the perfect way to work on fine motor strength! Practice rolling out your dough to form it in to the correct apple shape shown.

Apple Stand 10 Frames
Apple Seed Counting

Who’s hungry for apples? Let’s visit the apple stand to pick up some yummy treats. Fill in each 10 frame with the correct number of apples using cereal or pom poms.

Awesome subitizing activity. Identify the number shown on the apples and count out that many seeds to place inside your apple.

Apple Worksheets

Need some no-prep, print and go preschool worksheets?

Work on your tracing. Get scissor practice and practice other early education skills like counting, letters, shapes, colors, sorting, and more.

Use them as a one time worksheet or print them on colored paper and laminate to use as a play mat.

Sneak a peek at the worksheets in this set below.

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