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10 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

10 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts for Kids - So fun!Dinosaurs have been the thing at our house lately, and today we are sharing 10 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts for Kids. Kids are naturally fascinated by dinosaurs. Whether they love the roars and the chase or they are fascinated by the size and the fact that they aren’t around anymore. Dinosaur names are just so much fun to pronounce too!

Regardless of why they love dinosaurs, the bottom line is that dinosaurs are amazing parts of our history and a fun theme for kids. So why not come up with a few ideas on how to get creative and make some fun dinosaur crafts that kids can use to play or decorate their rooms.

Here is your list of awesome dinosaur crafts for kids.

10 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts for kids - great for dinosaur week at preschool.

10 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

  1. Paper Plate Dinosaur – These paper plate masks are so much fun to make and definitely a craft that kids of all ages will enjoy putting together and wearing. Just grab a few materials that you already have at home and create all kinds of dinosaur fun!
  2. Sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaurs – I think that these Sparkly Paper Plate Dinosaurs are the perfect craft to make on a rainy day or for anytime! They are so simple and quick to make. Once these sparkly paper plate dinosaur set is done, kids will have a blast pretend playing with them.
  3. The Good Dinosaur Handprint Craft – Handprint crafts make sweet keepsakes. The Good Dinosaur is a thoughtful movie and will spark your children’s imagination to create and to play with their awesome dinosaur creations.
  4. Toilet Roll Dinosaurs – Have a toilet paper roll stash? We do too! This dinosaur craft is the cutest and super cheap to make. Imagination runs wild with this engaging craft so let the kids explore and learn!Super fun Dinosaur Crafts for kids - fun for preschool and kindergarten.
  5. Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft – Here is a simple Tissue Paper Dinosaur Craft that kids can make by bunching up some tissue paper and gluing it to make a dinosaur. I love the fine motor skills that kids work on while creating. The kids will love their new room decor!
  6. Dinosaur Egg Carton Cupcake Liner Craft for Kids – Do your kids love Triceratops? I think it’s one of my favorite dinosaurs. This craft is great for using recycled materials and other materials you have in your craft stash!
  7. Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts – If your kids liked the Triceratops from #6 above, then your kids will LOVE these Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts. Create a whole set of cupcake liner dinosaurs to complement the Triceratops.10 Awesome Dinosaur Crafts for kids - So fun for dinosaur pretend play.
  8. Make Your Own Felt Dinosaurs – Encourage creativity as your kids cut out felt dinosaurs and fun shapes to decorate them. This is a great craft for shape and color recognition!
  9. Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet – These Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet are the most awesome crafts ever! I know my kids are going to love making their own set!
  10. DIY Dinosaur Hat for Kids – Here is a really cool and very simple dinosaur hat your kids can make. Hats can be personalized and are awesome for dramatic play areas and play dates.

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