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Color Worksheets

Preschool Centers - Color Theme (1) - Copy

Do you need fun color worksheets and centers for teaching preschool kids about colors? This set is filled with fun ideas and printables to identify, sort and play with colors.

This set starts with 16 hands-on activities for centers or play-based learning. There are also 15 no-prep color worksheets for extra practice or free choice time.

Would you like a quick preview of the set? I’ll show you the printables and the fun manipulatives we added.

Preschool Centers - Color Theme

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets.


You will probably need a wide variety of Color activities for your preschool lesson planning. We’ve included activities ranging from alphabet building and counting, to patterns, games, matching, and more. Check them out below.

Color Pattern Activities for Preschool

Practicing patterns is helpful in learning what comes next in a group. It is also an important skill in number activities. The pattern activities will keep kids excited while learning during your preschool Colors theme.

Color Patterns Game for Preschool - Match the Ice Cream Scoop Color Patterns #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Ice Cream Color Patterns

This is such a fun fine motor activity as well as color sorting. You can glue lids or cup bottoms to the circles above the cone. Then use the cards to set color patterns.

Preschool Color Games - Color Patterns #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Paint Splatter Patterns

We love these color pattern cards. You can copy the pattern first. Then extend the pattern, and finally, let them start creating patterns on their own.

Preschool Color Games - Ice Tray Color Patterns #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Ice Tray Color Patterns

Kids love copying these fun color patterns using giant tweezers and an ice tray. You can fill the empty cubes with pom poms or buttons.

Do a Dot Preschool Coloring Pages #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Dot Marker Art Pages

This set also includes several Do-a-Dot coloring pages. You can laminate them and fill the circles with color pom poms or fill them with dot markers.

Preschool Centers - Color Theme

Color Math & Literacy Activities

In preschool, we work on a range of literacy and math skills depending on where our kiddos are at. Here are color – themed centers for alphabet letters, counting, and more to use in your Colors preschool theme.

Roll and Count Color Blocks Game for Preschool #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Roll & Build Color Towers

Roll a dice and build fun color towers. Which one has the most?

Preschool Color Word Collages - with shredded paper or buttons #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Building Color Words

There are so many ways to use these. You can do art with them by filling the letters with shredded paper. You can also practice making the color words with playdough, buttons or pom poms.

Preschool Colors and Counting Game - Count and fill Balloons. #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Balloon Count and Color

For this fun color activity we combined counting with color sorting. You can fill the balloons with playdough, pom poms or buttons.

Color Sorting Caterpillars Game for Preschool #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Color Caterpillars

We like to store the pom poms in an empty Ziploc box. That way it’s a bit of a surprise when they reach in and pull a color out. They can then do some early math by seeing which caterpillar gets the longest.

Preschool Centers - Color Theme

Colors Theme Sorting and Matching Activities for Preschool

Learning how to sort different items is an important cognitive skill. It helps early learners identify similarities and differences between objects. Here we get to practice sorting buttons, building shapes and work on matching too.

Color Matching Game for Preschool #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime #colorsorting

Crayon Box Color Sort

Fold and glue these cute crayon boxes and sort the crayons by colors.

Color Sorting Game for Preschool #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Color Button Sorting

There are so many fun button options for this game. I love using shape buttons so they get to experiment with shapes as well as colors.

Match and Clip Color Sorting Activity #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Clothespin Color Sort

This activity is great for fine motor skills as well as color sorting. You can paint your own clothespins, or you can get them pre-painted on Amazon.

Preschool Colors Game - Brush the pom poms to the correct color. #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Paint Brush Color Sort

Kids love this fun activity. You can use a smaller brushes to make it more difficult or a larger brush to make it easier. Brush the pom poms onto the correct color splatter.

Color Detectives Color Sorting Activity for Preschool #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime #colorsorting

Objects Color Sorting

Place the different color pictures into the correct color column.

Back to School Color Matching Activities #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Colored Pencil Matching

You can use this activity as a file folder or binder activity. We use Velcro dots to attach the pieces.

More Color Centers and Games for Preschool

If you need an idea for fine motor practice, circle time games, or some fun additional color activities, these Color and printables are for you.

Preschool Colors Game - Spin a Color Bingo #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Color Objects Bingo

In this fun game, the kids get to spin and cover real life objects in color.

Spin and Move Color Recognition Game

Spin & Race Color Game

Start with a game piece in each color. You can use snap cubes, pom poms or buttons. Spin a color. Move that color forward. Spin again and again until one of the colors make it to the finish.

Fine Motor Skills Color sorting Activity for Preschool #preschool #colorrecognition #planningplaytime

Bonus Color Sorting and Fine Motor Activity Idea

My kiddos absolutely loved this color sorting activity. We made it with a leftover egg carton. You can glue colored paper to the tops of the egg carton or color them with a crayon or marker. Then poke a small hole in the top of each one.

Cut pipe cleaners in half and sort them into the egg carton.

Preschool Centers - Color Theme

Colors Worksheets

Do you ever need something fast, no-prep, print-and-go for a sub or one of those super crazy preschool days?

These Color worksheets are the perfect last-minute fill-in for your lesson plans. They’re also a lot of fun for early finishers or for take-home packets.

Roll and Color Counting Crayons
Preschool Tracing Worksheets in a fun Colors Theme #preschoolworksheets #colorworksheets #Planningplaytime
Dot Marker Preschool Colors Worksheet #preschoolworksheets #colorworksheets #Planningplaytime
Cute Preschool Color Worksheets Monster Theme. #preschoolworksheets #colorworksheets #Planningplaytime
Color Worksheets for Preschool - Painting Page #preschoolworksheets #colorworksheets #Planningplaytime
Preschool Centers - Color Theme

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