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Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft for KidsMy kitchen table turned into our very own mini Jurassic Park this week when my kids went nuts over these Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts. Bits of crimped cupcake wrapper and paper scraps were flying all over the place while we created as many dinosaurs as we could think of.

Cupcake liner crafts for kids - Dinosaurs

Cupcake liners are a favorite art medium of mine, you may have noticed. (Check out our other cupcake liner crafts here.) I love the texture and the fun colors and patterns they provide, and my kids seem to enjoy them too. I may have a mini collection going on in my cupboard even though I rarely make cupcakes anymore.

Cupcake liner dinosaurs were a unique challenge because most of our cupcake wrappers come in girly colors, and their shape seems limiting. It was amazing to see how my girls overcame those difficulties as they created the visions in their heads.

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts for kids. So fun!

Spikes were one of our favorite thing to make. We used scissors to cut triangles out of the top of the liners, giving us the perfect spiky backs.

We used a liner to create the body in almost every dinosaur. Then we drew and cut out limbs from colored card stock. Some of the detail they came up with was fantastic. I loved the head my daughter made for her pterodactyl. She also drew some impressive legs for her t-rex.

Dinosaur Crafts for Kids made from Cupcake Liners.

One of my girls ventured out of the dinosaur age to create a blue dragon. The creativity was so much fun to watch.

Cupcake Liner Dragon Craft for Kids

We used both regular and mini cupcake liners. We also pulled from our collection of plastic googly eyes, and held everything together with a glue stick.

These cupcake liner dinosaur crafts could be glued flat to a sheet of white paper as a piece of artwork. You can also create them as a stand alone dinosaur herd. A bit of card stock on the back will give them extra stability if the kids plan to play with them.

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

I hope you enjoyed our little dinosaur craft. We sure had fun making them. Take it from me. If you have cupcake liners sitting in the cupboard, crafting is the second best way to use them.

Happy Crafting!

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