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Easter Counting Activity for Preschool

Easter Egg Counting Activity Colorful plastic eggs line grocery store shelves, and we are using them for this fun Easter Counting activity for Preschool. Kids love plastic Easter eggs. They are so bright, and they are synonymous with candy.

We decided to change that up a bit with a fun educational activity. My preschooler and I have been working on counting. He is practicing the one to one correlation between each item and the number he is on. This activity is great for that.

In addition to the counting practice you get with this activity, there is some fine motor fun as well. The children get to snap and unsnap the egg halves together to make their matches. First, they’ll have to line up the two halves correctly. Then they get to press them together until they snap.

Easter Egg Counting Activity for kids.

Easter Counting Activity for Preschool

To create this activity, take a bag of plastic Easter eggs, open them, and split the halves. In the past it seems like the egg halves were connected with a small strip of plastic, but not the ones I got this year. If you have eggs with that piece, it’s easily broken. Otherwise, just split the two halves.

Next, number one side of the eggs from one to ten. Take the other half of the eggs and draw a corresponding number of dots. Each dotted egg half should match a numbered half. Then, then mix up the egg halves.

Have the children pick up a dotted Easter egg half. They should count the dots, and then find the matching numbered egg half. Once they find it, have them click the two together and put it in a basket. Continue counting and matching until all of the eggs are put together.

This activity is so simple. You can put it together in under five minutes. Store the eggs in a ziplock bag for future playing if you’d like.

We hope you enjoyed our Easter Counting Activity for Preschool. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out some of our other counting activity ideas while you’re here.

Happy Easter!

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