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Is Your child an Experimenter?

Here are some characteristics of the EXPERIMENTER stage of learning:

  • They know 5-10 letters
  • They can count to 20
  • They are starting to write their name
  • Typically age 3-4 years old

If your child is an EXPERIMENTER, Congratulations!! 

They are cruising along on their learning journey, and have some big things coming their way.

Your child may be prepping for kindergarten, but play is still such an important part of their learning. It works with their brain instead of against it for better engagement, memory, and retention.

Here is where we recommend you get started:



Take your kiddo’s preschooling to the NEXT level with these Done-For-You, advanced preschool lesson plans.
Crush your learning goals through play using things you already have around the house.

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