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Homework: Tip of the Week – Mother, May I Homework Edition

cropped mother may i
The great thing about turning homework into playtime is that you can switch it up whenever you’d like.  This week we have a new twist on a popular game that pairs beautifully with homework.

Mother, May I

We started playing this game with our spelling words.  I had each of my girls retrieve their spelling lists, hand them to me, and then line up along the wall.  One at a time, they were given words from their own list.  If they spell a word correctly they were able to take a step towards me.  If they spelled the word incorrectly, they could not move.  Whoever reached me first won the game.

You could also use math problems, science questions and even vocabulary words.  Just ask them the homework question, and their move depends on a correct answer.

We hope you have many enjoyable homework experiences this week, and as always, don’t forget to play!!

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