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January Kindergarten Worksheets

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January Kindergarten Worksheets.

Over the Christmas break, I’ve been snatching a few hours here and there to finish my January Kindergarten worksheets. December’s set was so much fun to create, I couldn’t wait to get this one out as well.

This set is filled with winter friends, winter sports, winter writing prompts, and other snow inspired awesomeness. There are cut and paste activities, spin and write worksheets, a cut and measure activity, and so much more. The kids will get to work on word families, rhyming words, addition, subtraction, making 10, writing, syllable counting, and many other common core aligned topics in a fun, interactive way.


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January Kindergarten Worksheets - Math, Literacy, Writing, and so much more.

These 25 Kindergarten Math and Literacy printable worksheets are a No Prep, fun way to work on common core concepts. They could be used as morning work, homework, math and literacy center activities, or as part of a lesson plan. The theme for this set is January. Learn with snowmen, penguins, polar bears, hockey players, bobsleds, and more.

Here is a quick look at some of the worksheets:

January Kindergarten Worksheets

  1. Winter Counting Worksheet
  2. Winter Sports – Fill in the Missing Numbers
  3. Penguin Comparing Numbers
    January Kindergarten Count worksheet. Count the items. Draw a line from each number to the correct box. Color the pictures. January Kindergarten math worksheets - Comparing numbers 1-10. Write the , =, symbol on the penguins tummy.January kindergarten math worksheet - Winter sports Missing Numbers. Helps the athletes finish their run. Fill in the missing numbers.
  4. Count by 10’s Bobsleds
  5. Kindergarten Winter Addition Worksheet
  6. Tallest Snowman Contest Measurement Activity                                                                                                                            January Kindergarten Math Worksheets - Count by 10s Bobsleds. Fill in the missing numbers. January Kindergarten Measurement worksheet - Tallest snowman contest. January Kindergarten Math worksheets - Winter addition
  7. Build a Snowball Number Bonds Under 10
  8. Build a Snowball Number Bonds Under 20
  9. Winter Fix it Sentences                                                                                                                                                                    January Kindergarten number bonds addition worksheet. January Kindergarten punctuation worksheet - Snowman Fix it sentences
  10. Medial Vowel Words
  11. January Color by Sight Words
  12. Snowman Syllables Counting                                                                                                            January kindergarten reading worksheet - Fill in the medial vowel  January kindergarten Snowman Syllables Worksheet. Say the words. Clap the words. Cut and paste the pictures. January Kindergarten reading worksheet - Polar bear color by sight word.                                             PURCHASE PRINTABLES

More January Kindergarten Worksheets

  1. Making 10 With Frames
  2. Polar Bear Counting
  3. My Favorite Game – Informative Writing Organizer Prompt                                                                                                            January Kindergarten worksheet - Making 10 Hockey Game. Score 10 to win. Count how many goals you have, and fill in the rest. Complete the equation. January Kindergarten worksheets - Informative Writing prompt, My Favorite Game. January Kindergarten Worksheet Polar Bear Counting
  4. Polar Bear Word Families
  5. Winter Friends Graphing
  6. Word Families Hockey Tournament                                                                                                                                                January Kindergarten worksheets - Polar bear word families January Kindergarten worksheets - Word family Hockey Tournament. January Kindergarten worksheets - Winter friends find, tally, and compare.
  7. Rhyming Mitten Pairs
  8. How Many Hats Word Problem
  9. Rhyming Penguins                                                                                                                                                                           January Kindergarten Worksheets -Mitten Pairs Rhyming Kindergarten Word problem worksheet for January. Kindergarten worksheets for January - Rhyming words penguins. Circle the words that rhyme with the word on their hat.
  10. Spin and Write Sight Words
  11. January Opinion Writing Organizer Prompt                                                                                                                                     Kindergarten worksheets for January - Spin and write sight words Kindergarten worksheets for January - Winter opinion writing.
  12. Kindergarten Winter Subtraction Worksheet
  13. My Holiday Break Narrative                                                                                                                                                             Kindergarten worksheets for January - Winter subtraction Kindergarten writing worksheet for January - My Holiday break narrative writing prompt.

I hope you enjoy these worksheets as much as we are. Click on the image at the top to download the set today. I’d love to hear your favorites or other ideas you’d like to see included. Just leave me a comment below.

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