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Kinder Reading Activity

Kinder Reading Activity - Sort and Read CVC Words.

We discovered a fun new kinder reading activity this week. The activity is very hands on, and includes building and reading words. It’s easy to put together, and simple to store for another use on another day.

Kinder reading, as you may have experienced, can get very monotonous and boring for young children, because their reading vocabulary is so small. They can only read a small number of words, so they tire of it quickly.

It is so helpful to keep reading interactive and interesting. This activity definitely fits the bill. The bead sorter was the perfect container for this activity. All of the little compartments are so fun for little fingers, and it turned each word into it’s own colorful puzzle.

Kinder Reading Activity


The Activity:

We pulled a bead sorter from the closet, and set it on the table. I like the bead container with lot’s of tiny compartments, because there were so many spaces for words. That means lots of great reading practice, and fun sorting for the kids.

Fun Kinder Reading Activity - Sort and Read CVC Words.

In each compartment, we placed two consonants and one vowel to make a word. Once we had the sorter filled, we shut the lid, and it was ready to go for my beginning reader.

Kinder Reading Activity - CVC Word Sorter. Pull the letters out of each compartment to make a word.

For the activity, he opened up the bead sorter, and pulled out the group of letters in the first compartment. He had to figure out the correct order to create his word, reading as he went to see what sounded right.

Kinder Reading Activity - CVC Word Sorter fun.

Once he had solved that puzzle, built the word, and read it, he placed the letters back in the compartment. Then he moved onto the next section, solving and reading as he went.

Cute Kinder Reading Activity - Sort and Read CVC Words.

We’ve built and read words with magnetic letters many times before, but this had an all new element of fun. Each compartment of the bead sorter was like a new puzzle to solve, and the fine motor aspect of reaching his fingers in to pull out the letters, and get them back into the correct section was quite exciting.

Fun Kindergarten Reading Activity - Sort and read the CVC Words.

This kinder reading activity would be a great center activity. You could even include word cards for one child to sort the letters into each section. Then another child could read the words. You could also pre-pack it, so it is ready to pull out and start reading immediately.

I hope you enjoyed this fun idea. If you did, please share it by pinning. You can also share our Youtube video with someone else you might enjoy this idea.

Happy Reading!

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