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Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages


Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages. The 40 passages have a word family focus and are great for early emergent readers. #reading #comprehension #kindergarten #passages

My latest project that has been stewing in my brain over the holiday, is Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages. I’ve wanted to create these for years. They remind me of my mother, a teacher turned stay-at-home-mom, who taught me how to read from materials she mostly made herself. When it was time to read she would simply write a story in a spiral notebook and sit us down to read it.

My version is this set of 40 unique reading comprehension passages for kindergarten and 1st grade readers. It is filled with fun pictures that complement the stories and can be colored when the reading is done. The passages focus on CVC words with a few sight words and other simple words to tell a story. This set is for early emergent readers. The children will read the passages and then answer questions about the passages.

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages - A sub in the tub for the -ub word family. Highlight all of the -ub words for extra practice. #kindergarten #reading #comprehension #passages

Each passages focuses on a particular word family. The word family is listed in the top left corner of the page. As an optional exercise, you can have the children take a highlighter and color each word that is part of that word family.

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages worksheets by word family. Color all the words in that family and answer the questions. #kindergarten #reading #comprehension #passages

Just under the name line are 3 smiley faces. The children can read the passages 3 times for fluency. Each time they read the passage they can color in one of the smiley faces. Then they answer the comprehension questions. When the children answer the questions, they can both fill in the circle of the correct answer and write the answer word on the line.

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages worksheets by word family. Rob's Bot from the -ot family. Color all of the words in the family and answer the questions. Fill in a smiley face for each time you read the passage. #kindergarten #reading #passages #worksheets

Here is a full list of the passages included in this set

-ab  Grab a Cab

-ab  Tim and the Cab

-ad  Dad’s Hat

-ad  Tad’s Frog

-ag  Mag Can Wag

-ag  Pat Can Tag

-am  I am Sam

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-am  Sam and Pam

-an  A Man Ran

-an  Nan and Dan Ran

– ap  Rap the Dog

-ap  The Cap

-at  Pat the Cat

-at  The Cat and the Rat

-ed  A Pet in the Bed

-ed  Ned and Ed

-en  Ten Pigs

-en  The Hen

-et  Ben’s Jet

-et  Ben’s Pet

Kindergarten Reading Comprehension Passages worksheets by word families. Rap the Dog from the -ap family. Great for fluency and word family practice. #kindergarten #reading #comprehension #passages #worksheets

-ig  Sam’s Pig

-ig  The Big Wig

-in  The Fish

-ip  Pip and Kip

-ip  Pip

-it  The Hot Pit

-ob  Bob and Rob

-og  A Jog in the Fog

-og  Ben’s Dog

-op  A Frog on the Mop

-op  Tom’s Pop

-ot  Mom Has a Pot

-ot  Rob’s Bot

-ub  A Sub in the Tub

-ug  A Bug in the Mug

-ug  Pug and the Rug

-un  Fun in the Sun

-un  Pam’s Bun

-ut  Jim Gets a Cut

-ut  Tut and the Nut

I hope your students and children have as much fun reading these kindergarten reading comprehension passages as I had writing them.

Happy Reading!

17 Responses

  1. I have to tell you how much I love this activity. I like creating reading comprehension activities, too. I love how you mentioned your mom briefly in the intro to this post. That made me want to see/talk to my mom. Great post!

    1. Oh my goodness! You should see how big my smile is right now. 🙂 That makes me so happy!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and share. Best of luck to you and your little readers.

  2. For the CVC word activity – do you have specific letters you used or did you just use all of the consonants ? And do you have doubles of the consonants, so they can make words like bib, bob, did, etc?

    1. Hi Sue, I did this activity with my preschooler, so we did simple words with the most common consonants. The great thing is that the activity is so adaptable. You can use whichever letters work best for your readers.
      You could even have multiple bins at different reading levels if you’re working with a larger group.
      I hope that helps. Best of luck to you. 🙂

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