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Lego Baseplate Ideas

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Have you tried out a Lego baseplate in your learning space yet? If not, you have been missing out.

Lego baseplates are AMAZING!! They’re fantastic because they take the creativity that you get from creating with Legos to an all new level. Suddenly, nearly any surface can turn in to your creation space. The limits to where you can build are gone.

You may have seen walls and corners of classrooms turned into Lego creators’ spaces, and they look incredible!! Those are made possible with products like Lego baseplates.

We also have some new, creative options for you to use Lego Baseplates in your classroom, and they are SO easy to do.

We used the baseplates from Creative QT, which are peel and stick. It is as simple as selecting a space, peeling the back off your Lego baseplate, and setting it down.

*This post was kindly sponsored by Creative QT. We are grateful to awesome companies who create amazing products that encourage and assist in playful learning. We can’t wait to show you how their Lego baseplates can transform your learning spaces. This post may contain affiliate links.

Lego Baseplate Makeovers

Are you ready to see these baseplates in action? Here you go!

Upside Down Lego Table

Cool Lego Table ideas for kids. So fun!! #lego #legobaseplates #legomakeover #legoideas #legohacks #legoclassroom #legotable #ad

I LOVE Lego table makeovers! The idea of being able to sit at a dedicated creation space makes me happy. However, we needed the top of our table for other preschool projects. The tradition Lego table makeover wasn’t going to work for us.

No problem. We just created it underneath the table.

How great is this?? First of all, it allows the kids to work in a completely new and different way, thinking outside the box. It’s almost like your own Lego fort. So fun!!

Second, your amazing, in progress Lego creations, are safely hidden underneath the table, leaving the toy room looking clean and organized even in the middle of your project.

Lego Baseplate Makeover – Ikea Easel

Lego Baseplate Makeover with an Ikea Easel #legoclassroom #lego #legobaseplate #legomakeover #legohack #legos #ad

There are many benefits to young children working and creating on a vertical surface. Stability, coordination, and spacial awareness are just a few of these.

However, creating a vertical Lego surface can be tricky if you are not allowed to attach your Lego Baseplates directly to a wall. Here’s our simple solution. Turn an inexpensive art easel into your new, mobile vertical Lego surface. We used an Ikea easel, because it is what we had on hand. However, we also LOVE this double sided, magnetic easel in bright, happy colors.

Our easel came with a shelf which was perfect for holding Legos. The children could sort the Legos by color into cups and work independently or in groups to create. The best part is, on non-Lego days, we can just flip the easel around and it is still a dry erase board.

$1 Cutting Board Lego Baseplate Makeovers

Lego Baseplate Makeover with $1 cutting boards. Great for a Lego classroom idea. #lego #legobaseplates #legomakeover #legoideas #legohacks #legoclassroom #ad

I absolutely LOVE this idea for a classroom, daycare or any place where you have multiple children wanting to create at the same time.

Here’s what we love about these individual working spaces:

  1. They are simple to store and take up less space than a book.
  2. They easily allow multiple children to work on separate designs at the same time.
  3. Use them in class and for free play. These would be great fun to work on counting, color sorting and other academic skills.
  4. They are inexpensive to create. You can get these cutting boards for $1.

The Lego Binder

Lego Classroom Ideas - Turn a binder into a Lego surface. Pencil bag to hold Legos. #lego #legobaseplates #legomakeover #legoideas #legohacks #legoclassroom #ad

This Lego binder is another wonderful, self-contained option for the classroom.

Bonus!! It would also be a fantastic quiet book activity for the doctor’s office or car. Just flip it open and get to work. Close the binder, and carry your in progress creation with you. Just make sure your unused Legos are zipped in, and you’re good to go.

Create this project yourself with Lego Baseplates, a binder, and a 3-ring pencil holder.

In-the-Car Lego Station

Lego ideas for the car - Storage container turned into a Lego surface with baseplates. #lego #legobaseplates #legomakeover #legoideas #legohacks #ad

Our family likes to take long road trips a few times a year. You can only play the alphabet game so many times during a 10+ hour car ride.

We love to listen to audio books and have the children work on an a self-contained art project while we drive. This on-the-go Lego space was made from a $4 storage container from a local chain store. It seals shut, has compartments for Lego color sorting, and a flip up space to work on.

Each child could have their own Lego creator’s box or they could share one to turn it into a game like tic-tac-toe.

Lego Baseplates

Lego baseplates are incredibly simple to use. Measure out the size you need by laying the plate against your surface, and draw a where-to-cut line. Then, it’s as simple as peel and stick.

All of these projects can be done in a matter of minutes. You may even already have the surfaces to use in your learning space.

We hope you find these ideas helpful. If you create one of these spaces, share a photo with us. You can tag us on social media and use the hashtags #planningplaytime.

Where to get your Lego Baseplates

You can find a fun variety of colors from the amazing Creative QT. Check out their site or find their baseplates on

Awesome Lego Table ideas for the home or classroom #lego #legobaseplates #legomakeover #legoideas #legohacks #legoclassroom #legotable #ad



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