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Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade

We’ve been working on some money counting activities recently, and now I’m happy to show you our fun money worksheets for 2nd grade. We love playing games and using activities to learn things, but sometimes it’s helpful to have quite time worksheets to practice on as well. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring, and we love the fun activities on these money worksheets that cover earning money, counting money, and buying things.

This set covers a range of ability levels, starting at just counting coins, to then adding dollar bills. It’s a great set for 2nd grade, but it could also be used in 1st and 3rd grade. There are 15 total worksheets, and they would be perfect to use in the classroom for morning work, math centers, or even homework. They are also a great addition to a fun homeschool curriculum.

Money Worksheets – Who Earned More?

This is a fun set of 5 worksheets that have two kids trying to earn money for the book fair. To complete the activity, you have to count how much money each child earned, write the amount, and then circle the child who earned more. I love these worksheets because the children are not only counting money, they are also writing the amount, and they get to use their comparison skills to evaluate the values.


Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade - Who Earned More?

Money Worksheets – Counting Money

This is another great set of 5 money worksheets for 2nd grade, and these include bills, making them a bit harder than the first set. My favorite part about these worksheets is that you get to count the money, and then cut and paste the correct amount next to the pile of cash and coins. It’s interactive, but still great math practice.

Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade - Count, Cut and Paste?

Money Worksheets – Who Can Buy It?

This final group of 5 worksheets take the kids shopping for toys and maybe some treats. Each of the 4 kids on the worksheet have a pile of money from their piggy bank, and to complete the worksheet, you have to figure out which item each child can buy. The items have tags with the amount on them, and you can draw a line from the child to the item they can purchase. If you have early finishers, they can have a bit of fun coloring the worksheet when they’ve finished. It’s like shopping without ever having to leave your desk, and it’s a lot of fun.

Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade - Who Can Buy It

I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of our money worksheets for 2nd grade, and make sure you check out our money counting activity ideas from earlier this week for a bit of hands on fun. If you would like to purchase this set of 15 worksheets, you can get them by clicking below.

Fun Money Worksheets for 2nd Grade




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