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October Preschool Worksheets


These preschool worksheets are made to cover a variety of topics and fit right in with what you are teaching. Hopefully, they make your month a bit easier towards the end of the school year.

To get you started, I’m giving you one of the worksheets for FREE!! Yay! Isn’t free stuff the best!

Preschool Math Worksheets

To help kids review math skills during the fall , we cover a variety of concepts in these adorable Halloween and fall-themed worksheets. Preschoolers will work on skills like these.

  • Pumpkin Number Tracing – Numbers 1-3
  • Black Cat Number Tracing – Numbers 4-6
  • Pumpkin Harvest – Number Sense
  • Spooky Counting
  • Halloween Sequence Puzzle
  • Bewitching Cats – Color By Number Page
  • Sizing Up Halloween Things – Measurement
  • Pumpkin Harvest Counting
  • Halloween Sequence Puzzle
October Preschool Worksheets - Pumpkin Number Tracing.
Halloween Preschool Worksheets - Color by Number.
Halloween Preschool Worksheets for October - Measurement and coloring.
October Preschool Counting Worksheets - cut and paste.
October Preschool Worksheets - Halloween Sequence Puzzle cut and paste.
October Preschool Worksheets - Counting, Alphabet and Number recognition, and lots of other fun activities.

Preschool Alphabet Worksheets

Literacy is another critical skill kids have been working hard since the beginning of the year and we want to continue building on the new skills. We cover several parts of early literacy in these preschool fall worksheets like those below.

  • Capital or Lowercase Letters Treat Bag – Cut and Paste
  • Black Kitten Play Letter Hunt and Count
  • Batty Alphabet Letter Order – Cut and Paste
  • Roll and Trace – Alphabet Letters
  • Pumpkin Patch Alphabet Match – Cut and Paste I & II
  • Ghost Letters – Name Spelling
  • Find and Color Beginning Sounds I & II
  • Pumpkin Patch Letter or Number Sort
October Preschool Worksheets - Counting, Alphabet and Number recognition, and lots of other fun activities.

More Preschool Worksheets

There are many skills preschoolers need to learn beyond basic math and literacy. These cute October worksheets for preschoolers cover many of them. Here are a few more skills your kids will practice with these printables.

  • Tracing Shapes – Cut and Paste Sort
  • Pumpkin Picking Line Tracing
  • Ghost or Pumpkin Picture Sort – Cut and Paste
  • A Pumpkin Life Sequence Story
  • Halloween Things – Same or Different
October Preschool Worksheets - Ghost or Jack-o-Lantern picture sort.
October Preschool Worksheets - Same or Different.
October Preschool Worksheets - Counting, Alphabet and Number recognition, and lots of other fun activities.


Thank you for taking a minute to check out the October Preschool Worksheets set. As promised, here is your FREE worksheet for this month, a Halloween friends dot to dot coloring page. Just click on the picture to print, and enjoy!!

Preschool Halloween worksheets for October - Halloween Friends dot to dot.

More Preschool Activities for October

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