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Pet Activities for Preschool

Pets Activities for Preschool

Looking for fun, creative Pet Activities for Preschool? This set is packed full of play-based, learning activities with cute pets of all kinds.

There are several different activities to explore from cat shapes, sorting pet food, and even a movement activity that will have you crawling like a turtle.

Want a sneak peak of the activities, check them out below. We’ve also included 15 worksheets to use as well.

Pet Activities for Preschool

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Our Laminator and Laminating Sheets

Pet Activities for Preschool Math

When teaching early math skills, it is important to cover a variety of number sense activities. We’ve included 10 Frames, counting, patterns, and non standard measurement for you to teach in your preschool Pet Activities.

10 Frame activities for a Preschool Pets theme

Pet Bird 10 Frames

10 Frames are perfect for counting and practicing one to one correspondence. We used mini erasers, but you can swap it out with pom poms too.

Counting Activities for Preschool Pets Theme

Dog Bone Counting

We LOVE games at our house and they are an excellent source for learning.

Patterns Activities for Preschool Pets Theme

Feather Patterns

How much fun are these pattern cards? I love using feathers to build the patterns to give this activity a sensory component too.

Measurement Activities for preschool

Pet Race Measurement

Who will win the race, the tortoise or the hare? In this activity we practice non standard measurement and work on counting as well.

Pet Activities for Preschool

Pet Activities for Preschool Literacy

Preschool provides an opportunity to work on different literacy skills. Here we have Pet themed centers for alphabet letters, beginning sound practice, pet writing centers, and more for your Pet Activities theme.

Writing Centers for Preschool Pets Theme

Pet Writing Centers

What a great way to practice writing and building words. You can even place the cards around your room to write them on a clipboard.

Alphabet Activities for a Preschool Pets theme. So cute!

Letter Find Cards

There are so many fun ways to use these cards. Use dot markers, buttons, playdough, mini erasers, or other fun manipulatives to cover the matching letters..

Beginning Sounds Activity for Preschool Pets Theme

Beginning Sound Pets

Understanding beginning sounds is an important step to reading. This is such a fun early literacy idea.

Alphabet Activities for Preschool pets Theme

Pet Food Letter Match

Here were are matching the upper and lowercase letters. Use toy letters or any manipulative your child likes to mark the matches. Try making the sounds too!

Pet Activities for Preschool

Pet Shapes Activities

We’ve included several different tactile ways to promote shape recognition.

Sensory Preschool Activities for a Pets theme

Playdough Pet Cards

Playdough provides an opportunity to build strength in a child’s hands, all while creating and learning fun shapes.

Shapes Activity for Preschool Pets Theme

Cat Shapes

You can use shape buttons or foam shapes to match them to the correct cat.

More Pet Activities Centers and Crafts for Preschool

Variety is critical when teaching a classroom of young preschoolers. Here are a few more preschool hool printables you can use in your math centers or small groups.

Pets Theme Activities for Preschool - Patterns

Fishbowl Acrobatics

Kids LOVE to move, and let’s face it, they NEED to move. Practice building the patterns with erasers or crackers and then encourage the kids to move the directions in the patterns too.

Color Sorting Activities for preschool pets Theme

Pet Food Color Sorting

Sorting and color matching help develop critical thinking skills. Try using small, child size tweezers to pick up and move the pom poms to the bowl for added fine motor practice.

Tracing Activities for Preschool

Pet Tracing Cards

Kids can work on tracing skills while helping the dog play fetch. We used string, but you could use play dough or slide into a sheet protector and use an dry erase marker too.

Fine Motor Activities and Tracing Sheets for a Preschool Pets Theme

Preschool STEM Craft

Practice tracing the word and then use markers, clear bingo chips, or even paint to finish the animal.

Pet Movement Cards

Pet Movement Cards

This activity is perfect to take outside or for a rainy day of indoor play and practice gross motor movement.

Sorting Activities for Preschool

Pet Sorting Activities

Use your plastic animals or even pictures to explore and sort different types of animals.

Pet Activities for Preschool


In addition to the hands-on pet preschool activities above, we also created 15 fun worksheets for you. These worksheets include tracing, scissor practice, counting, color-by-number, and more.

Math Worksheets for Pet Activities

These Pet worksheets cover a variety of early math skills. Teach kids shapes, counting, base 10, measurement, and number recognition with these fun math printables.

Pet Counting Worksheets
Counting Worksheets - Pet Theme- Cut and Paste
Pet Theme For Preschool- Measurement Activity

Pet Alphabet Activities and Worksheets

We are constantly working on early literacy in preschool. These Pet literacy worksheets allow you to differentiate between a variety of learning levels. Younger preschoolers can start with the sorting whereas more advanced learners can work on letter sounds.

Missing Letter Activity - Pet Theme Letter Activities
Letter Sorting Pet Worksheet
What Comes Next - Pet Activities - Letter Recognition
Pet Theme Letter Activity - Beginning Sounds
Beginning Sounds Worksheet - Pet Theme - So Fun
Sorting Worksheet for Preschool - Pet Theme

More Pet Preschool Worksheets

You will also want to include other skill options for your preschoolers to work on like shapes, patterns, and maybe even coloring. You’ll get that practice with these cute pet – themed printables for preschool.

Tracing Worksheets for Preschool - Pet Tracing Fun
Size Sorting Pet Worksheet - Preschool Sorting
Pet Worksheets for Preschool - Preschool Patterns
Rhyming Fun for Preschool - Pet Worksheets
Pet Shapes Centers - Preschool Pet Theme
Color Matching Fun - Pet Worksheets - Preschool Colors
Pet Activities for Preschool

More Preschool Printables to Enjoy!

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