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Preschool Halloween Activities

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Preschool Halloween Games #halloweenworksheets #halloweencenters #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

Looking for fun Preschool Halloween Activities? This set is filled with fun hands-on centers and games to play during the month of October.

Kids will get to work on their math, letters, patterns and even their names while playing with fun, Halloween theme creatures, playdough or slime and more.

Would you like a preview of the activities? Check them out below.



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Preschool Halloween Activities

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Peek-a-Boo Pumpkin Name Craft

Peekaboo Pumpkin Name Craft for Preschool #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

We LOVE this fun open and close, peek-a-boo name craft. You’ll just need our printables and jumbo craft sticks. The instructions are in the set.


Halloween Letter Practice

Letter Practice Worksheets for Preschool - Halloween #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

There are so many fun ways to use this set. You can use playdough, spiders, pom poms, candy corn, erasers or buttons.


Spider Counting Centers

Halloween Math for Preschool - Spider Counting #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

This fun counting activity works as just a plain sheet and spiders or up the fun level with a bit of slime.


Dancing Ghost Halloween Patterns

Preschool Patterns Game for Halloween - Twist to Match Dancing Ghosts #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

There are a lot of fun preschool Halloween activities in this set, but this one is a HUGE hit. The kids get to spin and twist their dancing ghosts to match the various pattern cards.


Witch Counting Cupcakes

Halloween Counting Game for Preschool - Witch Bakery Cupcakes #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

Baking is more fun when you get to do it with a witch. In this case, kids get to decorate playdough cupcakes and do some counting at the same time.


Candy Corn Subitizing Puzzles

Halloween Math Game - Candy Corn Subitizing Puzzles #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

Are your kids working on subitizing? These candy corn puzzles are a great way to work on early preschool math skills.


Candy Cauldron Color Sorting

Candy Color Cauldron Sorting - Halloween Games for Preschool

There are a couple of options to play this color sorting game. You can do it with the printable candy or sort real candy or buttons.


Pumpkin Letter Matching Centers

Letter Matching Pumpkins - Preschool Alphabet Game #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

This printable would pair well with your sensory bin. The children can pull letters out of the bin and place them on the correct pumpkins.

Roll & Cover Counting Ghosts

Halloween Math Games for Preschool - Roll and Cover Ghosts #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

You can choose either the 1-6 page or the 7-12 page. Roll one or two dice and use jumbo tweezers to cover them with cotton balls.


Haunted Letter House Slider

Preschool Letter Matching Slider - Halloween Haunted Letter House #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

Slide the strips up and down through the house to find the matching letters.


Candy Corn Counting Jars

Candy Corn Counting - Preschool Math Game#halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

We used mini erasers for this activity, but real candy corn works too.


Spider Shape Webs

Preschool Shapes Worksheets - Halloween Shapes Game

There are a couple of ways to use these cards.

  1. You can cover the shapes of the spiders with playdough.
  2. Make a web in the shape of the spider.


Witch 10 Frames Counting

Witch Counting 10 Frames - Halloween Math for Preschool #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

If you have mini erasers, they are great for this one. If you don’t, pom poms, buttons, eyeballs, spiders or playdough balls work as well.


Haunted House Counting Cards

Fun Halloween Counting Activities for Preschool

We loved counting some fun, spooky friends into our haunted house for this Halloween math activity.


Pumpkin Letter Tracing Book

Pumpkin Letter Tracing Worksheets for Preschool #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

These letter tracing pumpkins could work as a full sheet or you can cut them into individual pumpkins. I turned ours into a flip book with a ring.


Halloween Pattern Blocks

Halloween Dominoes - Preschool Patterns Game

Play your favorite domino game with these cards. You can also just work on making matches and building our block trees.


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Preschool Halloween Worksheets

These worksheets are a perfect compliment to your preschool Halloween activities. They are no-prep, ready to print and go. They are a great way to work on numbers, letters and patterns.

Witch Hat Number Order - Preschool Math Worksheet for Halloween #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Preschool Shapes worksheet for Halloween #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Preschool Number Worksheets for Halloween - Number Tracing #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Preschool Halloween Worksheets - Spider Counting #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Preschool Counting Worksheets - Candy Corn Counting Halloween II #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Preschool Halloween Worksheets - Roll and Color Math #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Letters or Numbers Sorting Page for Preschool - Halloween Theme Halloween Worksheets for Preschool - Letter Matching worksheets I #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime #letterworksheets Halloween Preschool Worksheets - Pattern Worksheets #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Halloween Color by Number Preschool Worksheet #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Broom Flight Tracing - Preschool Halloween Worksheets #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime Alphabet Ghosts Letter Matching - Preschool Halloween Worksheets #halloweenworksheets #preschoolworksheets #planningplaytime

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